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  1. Was the tail rotor recently installed? If so try loosing and retightening the attachment bolt. It can load the hinge bearings up. If tail rotor was not recently installed check the laminated bearings. I have had both cause a big shutter through the airframe around 270-320rpm. It would be smooth at idle and at 100%. I think if you had messed up teeth in the MGB, I would hope you would have had a chip light
  2. Heard canadore maybe putting one on in may if there is enough interest.
  3. I don't think it is the power cables. We had tried connecting the unit straight to the ships batt with different wires and the problem was still there. The filter/shields helped, but I can not explain or understand why they did. If you have a latitude unit they can check your box/data from there computers and possibly see if something that s up. Our trackers don't have any interfaces or connect to any systems, just power and ground to the unit.
  4. We had a similar problem with a latitude tracker. Really messed the FM up when using a repeater. FM antenna was on the boom and tracker antenna on the roof. We had an avionics teck troubleshoot with not a lot of luck. When we disabled the tracker the FM worked properly. Latitude send us some filters I think they are called, those round magnets that wire goes through. We put them around the power wires, and it helped a lot. Didn't totally solve the problem, but make a big difference.
  5. I think the 412 is a great aircraft for what the coast guard needs. I would think the 412 is better suited then the 139 for the coast guard, because they do land in unprepared sites, and I would think skids are better for that. I am pretty sure the Canadian coast guard does not winch people so I am not sure they will even have a hoist on the aircraft. From a tax payer stand point it is Canadian made and supported, plus they should have most of the required tooling, ground handling support, and some spares from the 212.
  6. Just read helieagles post again and realized that he does not have dual electrical boost pumps, so this info will not help out very much.
  7. Have you checked the boost pump pressures are correct. If I remember right the l/h book pump is suppose to be higher then the r/h when you have dual electric boost pump. Also I have heard that if a check valve in the fuel manifold at the top of the hellhole is not working corrently that your boost pump can fill your r/h tank (where fuel quantity probe is) higher then your l/h tank ( where the low fuel switch is). I have never seen this but some thing I have heard. Open up both fuel cells and take a look while the boost pumps are on. That is correct that when you have the helitrades dual boost pump the low fuel switch is 1/4 or 1/2 inch taller then stock. If the flapper valve is assembled corrently, cross feeds are not blocked, jet pumps are clean and low fuel switch is working correctly not much else you can do. I think that this is the norm, not a bad thing to have the fuel light to come on early anways. what is 10 min fuel anyway 100-150lbs. Add a 150 lbs and see where the fuel level is in relation to the switch. probably see it have half way up the standpipe anyways. Have fun playing in the fuel. SW
  8. The flame outs are not caused by the control box. The control box detects an Np over speed of 108.8 which it then bleed off PY air which then causes engine to decel. There is a small orifice in the fuel pump, that if it is a certain size (which could still be limits), it can cause the engine to flame out when you do your EOS test. I have heard that the fuel pump manufacture is working on a modification to the fuel pump to stop that. Apprently they are being tested, not sure when they are going to be available. I believe that this is why soloy calls for the EOS to be done at the last flight of the day, as you are shutting down anyways. If you where to have an actual overspeed failure the EOS deceled the engine with out a flame out, as soon as your NG gets below 100%( i think that is the number)the engine would just overspeed agian and again. So you would throttle back to idle anyways in the event of an overspeed. This is on a 700D2 engine, a 600 A-3A uses a mechanical overspeed. Hope that helps. If you have any questions call Bob Southward at intermountain turbine. Guys a LTS 101 genius
  9. Jim do you know this as a fact? As an employee, we have not been told that we have been bought.
  10. I talked to one of the pilot about the alpine seat, and he didn't like it. He didn't like how the tilt worked. You can use your left elbow to tilt out the window, but when it came time to come back in the elbow button is below the window in the door. So he had to use his right hand and reach across to push the button to tilt back in. Also if you are a pilot that like his seat pushed all the way to the back you will have a hard time. The seat can only go so far back and still be able to tilt, as it will tilt into the door post. I don't think that will affect to many pilots. I saw an alpine machine this summer with the lumbar support cut back, don't think it completely solved the problem but made it a little better. The transwest seat, the pilots have loved it.
  11. If you are going to be working on Helicopters I didn't think you needed a M2?? I thought the M1 covered you on all helicopters even if they were in the M2 catagory? but I could be wrong.
  12. I am in Mexico at the moment, I have not heard anything down here. I didn't even hear that they had a machine down here.
  13. Can you they do that if it is privately registered? I guess they can if they are doing it for free.
  14. I saw an EC135 at the Kelowna airport this morning. C-FJRX. I didn't realize that there was more then the one VIH has, in canada. Any body know where it is based out of? I think that it is privately registered to shaw communications, a nice ride for the big wigs to fly around in. SW
  15. No, I don't beleive the doors are closed. They have laid off pretty much everybody, except the people required to run the flight school. I think that they are deffinatly hurting though, probably trying to down size like many other operators, and waiting for the flying season to get started again.
  16. I just read the AS 350 MM for an overtorque between 94%-100% in straight and level flight above 40kts, and I quote " Overtorque Between 94%-100% If the "OVERTORQUE" accumulated time between two major overhauls is greater than 8 min: a) Recondition or overhaul the MGB Scrap the planet pinions, the fixed ring gear and the sun gear" section of MM para I would guess after reading this excessive forward loads on the mast above 94%tq above 40kts adds extra stresses in the transmissions planetary gear system from the mast. Just my guess.
  17. I am pretty sure that is Burnt V. putting on the air show. I am not sure if he was the cheif pilot their at one time, but I know that he isn't anymore. I think that there is another video of him stacking drums with the his skid tube on youtube, but i can't seem to find it.
  18. Does anyone have anymore info about the contract? How many hours is it worth, who is buying the fuel, and who are they buying the fuel from. I think that we need a little more info before we can make an honest call about why these operators have a lower price. 1) If the operator is selling the fuel at a marketed up rate, bonus. Are they billing a said amount per hour flown (i.e. 170ltr/hr for a B2) or are they billing what it actually burns. A B2 doesn't burn 175ltr/hr all then time. That could make an extra $50+ an hour if you are selling the fuel 2) Are these operators working out of there own base, and does crew lives in the town were they will be working. You can save $100 a day on hotel and 40-60 a day on per deems and even away from base pay if they are full time. X2 if they have an engineer with them you could save anywhere from 150-300per day 3) Are you sending an engineer with the machine, for an a-star that can be 15-43$/hr 4) Are you billing run time and putting air time in the logbook. An extra point one here and a extra point one there next thing you know it is an extra 10% of profit, so your 1100/hr is know 1210/ hr and you don't DOC on that 10% 5) Do these companies run Hull insurance, that could be a huge saving right there. 6) What is company’s game plan? Did they buy a new B3 2 or 3 years ago when they were not worth as much as they are now and you are going to run it for a 500-1000hr and sell it for what you bought it for? 7) Or the company is hurting pretty bad financially and they need cash flow to make it to next summer, and hope that it is a better fire season. If anyone out there owns a helicopter company and says that they wouldn't drop there rate just to stay open a little longer and hope that the next season will save them, I think that they are lying. 8) All these point are not sacrificing maintenance, or lower pay scale and lets remember, DOC only cost you when those parts come due. If you have the approval to extend your O/H's buy 10% or a couple hundred hours. Well then you don't really, have any DOC on those parts during the exetension, more profit. Or if you are a company who stocked up on parts when the dollar was good, and the work was plenty. Perhaps your DOC is less then other company's that didn't do that. All I am trying to say is that there could be good reason why there rates are lower then everyone else’s. Just because one company needs to get 1400/hr to stay in business doesn't mean everyone else does. Until we know all the details we are just assuming, and we all know what happens when we assume. I don't agree with low balling, but I would think that a high percentage of the operators have lowered there rates at one time or another to get a contract. Unfortunately it is part of our business. And no I don't work for one of those low ballers SW
  19. If I remember right they bother were certified in seatle, so I think that would make them both FAA. Both, were 10,500 external and one was 10,200 interenal but I can't remember what the other one was. SW
  20. Hey guys I have 2 questions for you out there. 1) I was scanning throught the flight manual supplement for the installation of a 212 head and T5317B engine. In our flight manual there were 2 supp for this install. one being heli-conversions stc SH5976NM and the other being heli-trades stc SH5977NM. both stc's refer to stc SH5132NM ( install of 212 head) and stc SH2394NM ( install of a T5317B). The only diiference I can see between the Heli conversions and the Heli trades is that the heli-trade only allows 9 pax in back. Why would any one choose to install the heli-trade stc? and why the difference between them? 2) What have you guys noticed with the power check charts for the T5317B. I just did 2 pwr checks one being at 30psi and the other being at 40 psi. the 30psi engine plotted out at 0 and the 40 psi plotted out about +8. do you find that you get better number at a hight torque setting? What kind of numbers are you guys getting? and is this pwr check chart very accurate? I know with the T5313 all the bell charts in the FM 1&2 they don't recommend using as they can fail a good engines regulary. Is this chart the same? This is my first tour with a T5317B, and just trying to figure things out. Thanks guys SW
  21. was that NMT? working around Heyers camp last week? glad to hear everyone is OK
  22. Hope that this is not a dumb question, but what is a "C" model A-star.
  23. Just got off tour with S/N 1025, just wondering if there is any older ones out there still working? SW
  24. Does anyone know how long the contract Airborne has with Pacific is, I am guessing a multiple year deal. Any ideas? Thanks SW
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