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  1. Head for the Yukon. Did my CPL in Calgary and for my 300NM x-country I took my wife and a friend camping for 6 days. Watson Lake, Dawson, Whitehorse. Watson Lake and Whitehorse have real facilities for campers right at the airport - Dawson was basically a tent pitched just inside the fence. Be forewarned though - all airports in the Yukon seem to be a million miles from the towns - great money maker for the taxi drivers.
  2. I still maintain that the extension of times from 45 hrs. to 75 hrs. has much more to do with the student than with the instructor. I am an instructor. At this moment I have a handful of students approaching flight test stages: Student One - extreme confidence issues. Took a lot hrs to go solo. Since going solo, everything is on track time wise. I expect this student to get licence in 80 - 85 hrs. Three bookings/week. Student Two - 40 hrs total. Has to complete solo x-country, pre-flight preparation. Should have licence @ 45 hrs. One booking/week. Student Three - T
  3. ---------------- On 3/19/2003 8:56:41 PM Charles W. wrote: Maybe the cost has risen 3000% but so have the wages. When I learned to fly the rates were $10.00 Dual and $8.00 Solo. I made $35.00 per. week. ---------------- Doesn''t really matter that instructor wages have increased. The whole point was that the increased cost of learning to fly is extending the time taken to get a licence. Your posting of the Dual/Solo rates supports my argument. If you are saying, however, that all wages have increased 3000%, I would have to say that you are wrong. Assuming $35/
  4. I don't know the answer, but I have a guess. The sporadic student bookings which I mentioned are, in large part, due to monetary constraints. A PPL costs in the $6000 range - if it's done in 45 hours. There is also less government financial help to get your licence than in the past. People run out of money. Simple as that. I had to take 13 months off when doing my PPL because I ran out of money - of course that extended my time. Granted, wages, etc. have also increased, but I'm sure that the cost of training has gone up at a far faster rate. For example - an aquaintance of mine
  5. ---------------- On 3/12/2003 9:54:13 PM Charles W. wrote: Maybe more experienced instructors would get the student through in 45 hours instead of 75 hours? Charles W. ---------------- This may indeed be true, but since anyone with the type of experience level you seem to be talking about would demand at least 4 times what the average instructor is paid today, the cost of that 45 hours would be far more than 75 hours at the present rates. Also, lets face it, the items taught in the PPL and CPL are not overly complex. The number of hours that it takes to get the li
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