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  1. I can confirm an incident did occur involving a ka32 over the weekend. This was essentially a hard landing in difficult terrain but both pilots are uninjured. Initial assessment indicates that this was an isolated incident, and a complete investigation is underway.
  2. Hi guys - Just wanted to provide a little clarification around the Pilot Competencies for Wildfire Ops as well as the hourly mins you mentioned. The Western Forest Agencies are now phasing in the use of the HAC Pilot Competencies, so Canadian helicopter operators will use the document to ensure their pilots meet the competency expectations of the Customers (being the forest agencies). Operators are now required to complete "Pilot Information" section of Webair to note which of the 8 skill sets described in the Pilot Competencies document their pilots demonstrate to a satisfactory lev
  3. VIH Aviation Group and HelicoptersNZ finalize joint venture to deliver world-class offshore helicopter services in Australia VIH Aviation Group (VIH) with head offices in Canada, and HNZ Group of helicopter companies with head offices in New Zealand, are pleased to announce their joint venture to specialize in the provision of offshore helicopter services in Australia and its coastal regions. This joint venture brings together the expertise and resources of two of the world’s most respected and longest operating full service helicopter companies, to service the rapidly growing offsho
  4. I have been preoccupied with other recent events and haven't had a chance to read the updates on this thread until just now, and klw/skids up - By all means, I appreciate the opportunity to tell you what I'd like to accomplish if elected as Chair. If elected as Chair, I would guide and direct the committee and encourage an active committee with discussion between industry counterparts (that includes large and small companies, management, engineers and everyone in between). The committee meetings are a great venue for active discussions and involvement, there seems to be issues that inv
  5. Thanks guys, for the encouragement and words of wisdom, greatly appreciated. Nice to know that we're on the same page and pro-active. Looking forward to seeing some of you at the HAC - And yes, "2007", I am part of the VIH Norie family.
  6. Splitpin, I'm saying that everyone's opinion counts, and any ideas you or any of your peers may have that would better the industry for us all are definitely important opinions. The HAC committee meetings are open to all HAC members, and HAC members can be corporate OR individual. If you want to make a difference, there's an avenue to do that - Whether it's contacting me or someone else who has chosen to get involved with the HAC, or whether you choose to join as an individual. Either way, there's an opportunity for your ideas and solutions to be heard.
  7. Thanks guys, for all of your opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own and I appreciate the feedback. That being said, BM is correct in noting that everyone has a vote at the HAC - It's not just for owners but for operators, pilots, engineers alike. The purpose for the HAC is to better the Canadian heli industry as a whole - So everyone's opinion counts, at the HAC as well as in this forum. Jen
  8. Good afternoon everyone, I'm writing this post with regards to the upcoming election for Chair of the Helicopter Association of Canada Air Taxi Committee. This election will take place at the HAC Convention in Vancouver (at the Air Taxi Committee meeting on Sunday, March 29th from 1300 – 1600) and I'm actively campaigning for the position. I believe I'm a strong candidate for this position because I'm hard working and enthusiastic with excellent communicative and leadership skills. If you guys elect me, I'll promote an active committee and together we will all work towards our com
  9. No news yet, 2 seriously injured during an auto rotation exercise, both passengers were trapped inside, the Coast Helicopter College R22 is pretty crushed.
  10. www.vih.com VICTORIA, B.C. – MARCH 8, 2007 On March 7, 2007 the VIH Aviation Group (“VIH”) ended discussions with Discovery Air Inc. (“Discovery”) regarding a possible transaction between the two companies pursuant to an interim agreement signed by them in January 2007. VIH viewed the interim agreement with Discovery as a strategic merger of companies, with VIH joining Great Slave Helicopters and Air Tindi. Discovery, a relatively new public company, lead by experienced financial and banking persons also promised to VIH its expertise in and access to financial and public markets.
  11. Island helicopter takeover hits turbulence Both companies say $167-million deal has been terminated Darron Kloster, Times Colonist Published: Thursday, March 08, 2007 The blockbuster aviation deal to merge Vancouver Island Helicopters with Discovery Air Inc. has been grounded. Both sides announced late yesterday the proposed $167-million cash and share deal was terminated in the due-diligence process. The companies struck the proposal in late January and had expected to sign a formal agreement in May. London, Ont.-based Discovery Air (TSX:DA.A) issued a statement earli
  12. The facts are; that this is just a rumor. The thing is though, everything is for sale for the right price
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