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  1. There is a video in the comments section of Tofino Bulletin Board on FB, I tried copying and pasting, but it wouldn't work. No doubt this video will be used as evidence.
  2. It is not only within a National Park, he flew right over swimmers, surfers and people walking the beach and not more than 20 feet. There were reports of him shooting up the area on top of it all. If you do that it’s not going to end well. It was a little more than landing across the highway to get a Big Mac.
  3. They are scanning fires at night as well...
  4. Sure, but if you make personal attacks on companies or individuals, you should have the kahunas to use your real name.
  5. Bingo Saifan Pilot, a friend told me about that app today. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, I did download that app and it is is helpful. What I'm trying to figure out is, if you are given UTM format, how to quickly enter it onto an iPad on Foreflight. Foreflight only has MGRS format, so you would have to convert it on the app, it takes too long. I asked Foreflight if they can add UTM as an another option on the Units/Time Coordinates page.
  7. Does anyone have a simple formula to convert UTM to MGRS on an iPad?
  8. Pilots are essential services, this no 14 day quarantine. No?
  9. Precision Helicopters-Grande Prairie-John Carlton
  10. I am guessing that the reason for the extensions is because they don't want you in the doctors offices, more than TC not being able to process the medicals. I wouldn't be surprised to see another extension tagged onto the existing one either.
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