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  1. A more current report https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/vancouver-island/2019/9/24/1_4608294.html
  2. Liability, that’s the new thingy.
  3. Sorry DGP, it was meant as a joke. I spent quite a bit of time in both those establishments too
  4. Was it you guys that burned down the Pickle Lake Hotel and The Winston?🤨
  5. You mean to tell us that a nice refreshing Shirley Temple with Ray after 8 hours of bucketing wouldn’t be good enough😳.
  6. If a skydiver pushes off as he exits it can cause mast bumping, makes sense. That obviously would only be for two bladed rotor systems.
  7. It's better to do the jump, leave the problems behind....
  8. It's not a one size fits all, 3 and 3, 4 and 4, 6 and 6 accomplishes the same result, the longer the shift the less traveling. If you work across the country or overseas, 2 and 2 is unworkable. Some pilots sit in Mexico all winter and want to work as much as possible in the summer, then lay on the beach all winter. Then some are younger and raising families, they need steady income. That's why we will never agree on anything in this industry....
  9. Let’s face it, flying a 14 hour duty day and wrenching for 3 hours after that is ridiculous. I’ve worked with a lot of great AME’s on mediums on fires and other op’s, most of them just work their own program. Some like to work after the machine is shut down at night, others like getting up early in the morning. From what I have seen, it’s the operator that determines the workload. The progressive operators try and anticipate components coming due versus the work coming up in the busy season. Having said that, AME’s deserve protection from fatigue just as much as pilots. I’m not sure how you get there, the business is so fluid.
  10. 3 mechanical, you are one lucky hombre! I can think of 3 in one company, actually there were 4, I only knew 3.
  11. Exactly my thoughts, best rate of climb, and minimum rate of descent. Bell probably uses 70 KIAS as both, the charts should tell you that.
  12. I agree that everyone should have right to their opinion regardless of experience, but I think we can do without some the smart *** comments. It seems some just come on here to troll, personally I think it’s destroying the site...
  13. Unfortunately Icewind there have been Internet Tough Guys like Simpleton since the inception of this site, does anyone remember Sudden Stop. I think some companies threatened to sue him and his company threatened to fire him over his posts on Vertical. Pity, a lot of people just move on and couldn’t be bothered to post. I find it embarrassing actually that people outside the industry could come on here and see adolescent behaviour of some aircrew can be. I can only imagine what they think. 🤔
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