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  1. That would be my prediction, especially if there is a big fire season.
  2. I predict, it will be very unpredictable🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. This is the set up I went with. The suction cup seemed to stick to my car window securely, does it on plexiglas-glass as well?
  4. There's a pretty significant difference in price. Unless I'm not calulating it correctly, it would cost north of $350 for a full iPad muni set up.
  5. This might be a good option alright. The only complaint in the reviews is they are minimum 3” diameter, a little big but safer
  6. Thanks for the serious suggestions. I am going to try the RAM single suction cup, also a claw as that might work better. It's been a while, but I am sure I used a company single suction cup and it worked fine for an iPad mini. I figure if the single suction doesn't work I can just get the double suction as an add on. The MGF seem very expensive and doesn't seem to allow modifications very easily. I could also use the RAM for a GoPro, iPhone and iPad on my motorbike with accessories that are easy to order. Thanks again.
  7. Does the RAM glare shield mount work on mediums?
  8. What is everyone using to mount iPad mini’s in the machines to run ForeFlight?
  9. If you look at all Simpleton's posts he has nothing useful to offer on any subject, just a troll, ignore him.
  10. A more current report https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/vancouver-island/2019/9/24/1_4608294.html
  11. Liability, that’s the new thingy.
  12. Sorry DGP, it was meant as a joke. I spent quite a bit of time in both those establishments too
  13. Was it you guys that burned down the Pickle Lake Hotel and The Winston?🤨
  14. You mean to tell us that a nice refreshing Shirley Temple with Ray after 8 hours of bucketing wouldn’t be good enough😳.
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