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  1. Stupid, well maybe you call it that, I call it willing to stand behind what I post without anonymity. Toughtimes not only called out a company but anyone that has or does work there, that includes a lot of pilots. Maybe you think that is fine, my guess is he probably doesn't anymore either as he hasn't put his real name behind it or even responded to Dan. As far as your friend is concerned, I don't now who he is, who you are or even no if the story is even true. For all I know you aren't even a pilot or AME, since you refuse to stand behind your comments. But hey, you got quite a bi
  2. So you are to spineless to disclose who you are?
  3. Maybe if people had to use their real names, the tone would change and you would have to stand behind your comments? Toughtimes or Freck?
  4. No problem, Norm Biegler. Your turn?
  5. The industry goes in cycles as anyone that has been in it any amount of time knows, we are definitely in a low cycle. In 3-4 years all of the boomers will be in their 60’s, it’s pretty obvious to anyone watching there will be an exodus out of the industry. If you are younger and have skills, assuming there is an economy left after Trudeau is finished, there will be work around. If the economy survives the next year or two, they are predicting a huge commodities boom. Someone will have to fly the drills.
  6. ****, thats twice in one year that I actually agree with Shakey. Bring on the meteor!
  7. Thanks, very little information. The reason I asked is that I read somewhere that this was a local night flight. Yes, very sad and unfortunate......
  8. Does the CADORS query still exist? This accident doesn't come up on the TC site.
  9. My favourite, "I probably have more time in these things than you do". 🙄
  10. Flying over glassy water with fog seldom has a positive outcome.......
  11. Nope, very limited information on there now.
  12. With Covid, there are literally thousands of fixed wing pilots laid off right now. I know several helicopter companies laying off aircrew, some all of them, all in the middle of what should be the busiest time of the year. You need to do some serious research, trust me, this forum is not the place.
  13. I never agree with Shakey, but in this case I'll make an exception. The industry is in a downhill trajectory, off-shore oil, seismic, mineral exploration and forestry jobs are drying up. You will probably be too old to ever get into medivac, RCMP, and government once you go through the grind of getting the experience that is required. The only route I see available for you is a base job flying lights and intermediates, that generally requires moving more remote locations. That might be your thing, but you will be on call most of the time, will get relieved occasionally by a pool pilot. But wha
  14. This thread is over 3 years old, so you are now 50. Are you actually really even considering doing this?
  15. I remember when long lining was touted as too dangerous, look how that turned out. If there is a demand it will happen, and technology will improve.
  16. I don't think it's frowned upon, usually it's due to pilot duty times. I don't think forestry personnel want to hang around 24 hours a day either.
  17. Got to hand it Talon, I would have thought there would be more experienced wildfire companies out there.
  18. Well you were a suspect😂
  19. I doubt it, they might have it for SAR though.
  20. Who got this contract? https://globalnews.ca/news/7141471/b-c-wildfire-night-vision-goggles-penticton/
  21. Hmmm, me too. I guess Vertical and its moderators are progressives, who knew.
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