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  1. I agree that the prices are crazy high here compared to USA!
  2. Don't see any prices on their website?
  3. Looking for a partner for an R22 in N.B. I'll have my instructor rating and could do some training.
  4. None taken Rob. I was just merely stating what’s happening....Plus, I had a 400 hours pilot teach me in Canada. Although a few flights with the 4500 hours cfi, those flights I learned. I wish I had him throughout the 100 hours. Just saying that paying $200/hour and $450/hour is a big difference too.
  5. Yea, but that 150 FAA pilot turns around and gets his CFI and starts getting hours.....while the 100 hours pilot here is like a slave cleaning floors and dreaming of hours. Plus, people will go where it's cheaper.....is there offering FAA prices, then watch out!!
  6. Anyone know who is Plaza Maritime Helicopter Ltd in Fredericton, NB???
  7. That would happen to the above pilots, except for you and Ryan.
  8. Build R22 for only 200$/hour in Houston, Tx, do any type of flying you want. Autos, cross-country, night, etc. pm me
  9. volition

    Ifr 206

    Foxair in Montreal @ 800$ equip with a MX20.
  10. Good news for American companies!!! Canadians will be able to get their licence with 50 extra hours and still save a bunch of money!!! :punk:
  11. First time I read such a long post, well done! :punk:
  12. Did the same thing last mai in the Bahamas in an R22. Same Company! PS: -Public nudity was everywhere in the Bahamas(Topless of course) :punk:
  13. I know a place here in Montreal that charges 775$/hour for a 206-ifr rated helicopter!!
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