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  1. Canadore '88-89. Al Lang, Sully, Rick kirkwood, Wayne bolen. Plenty days after school with all of them at Cortinas drinking a few pints. Great days!
  2. Amen to that as well!! Still too many people out there who think that good "piloting" is relative to how much they can lift. We all know a B2 will lift more than book value at sea level and some wind. The question is WHY DO IT? My two pennies worth.
  3. Let's not forget STARS does NVG work now. I looked into this a bit and yes there are some hoops but all somewhat manageable to get through. The downside is the initial cost of $10,000 us a set, training costs (and yes there is a company in Alberta that can train) and of course currency requirements. Look at CBAAC 0251 on the TC website and it tells you what is needed. I think this is going to happen in the future and wouldn't it be cool. :shock:
  4. Uh Oh!!!! I see the paramedics keeping busy with that sort of adveretising. Please, if you have a request from a "pilot" to fly your ship, ask him if his commercial was done in a "chair"
  5. The PDM is done through two CDs now. Go to the TC website and search for TP13897E. See what you find.
  6. I am all for what Jetbox had to say. I flew at Wiegele's for years and it had clearly changed from the old days because Mike was not allowed to go on recce flights anymore per se. The Job managers while I was there did a great job. If it was not 1/2 mile at the airport we did not go. Kudos to them for taking some @*$#! and sticking to their guns. Remember, "customers must be made aware of the limitations of the helicopter and crew. They must accept the flight crew as competent and capable of analyzing difficult missions and assesing potential hazards. Flight cews must have the final
  7. Hey there, We might be looking for a contract guy for the winter to Heli-ski. We are looking for a full timer with ski experience but this is becoming a bit of a challenge. If anyone might be interested in some heli-skiing in an A-star this winter call me. No guarantees at this point but we are getting close to that time!
  8. No one wishes the worst on the guys at the bottom but they know the reality. Attached is a photo of our FX. Cheers
  9. We use to do simulated autos in the A-star at Blue river with a 100' line and a 100 lb weight on the bottom to represent the rescuer I assure you that the first few times you do them you are either very high on the flare or bumping the weight on the tarmac. The idea was to initiate the flare high, swinging the load out front, getting over top of it to reduce the forward speed, punching the load and continuing with the auto. Not very pretty but you do what you can for the people on the bottom. Hard fact is, they will lose if things do not go exactly as planned. We do a fair bit of Class
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