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  1. Maybe you should come back and work fulltime at Keypile, lol!

  2. oh oh Silver... you said the U word. Better duck and crack a vodka grapefruit!
  3. I believe it was KOD a magical animal ....and yes, yes they are. Phone the pile anytime buddy.
  4. Hey Cap! Give us a call in K.P. We were wonderin how u were were. CQD awaits. Buzz me anytime in the pickup. DM
  5. Wow Ever play that game as a kid where u say something quietly to another person and so on... and as it reaches the end it's total bs. deja vu :down:
  6. Quite right kman. I found if u go into any job with a positive attitude/ lets have some laughs but do the job right it can be a great time. Lifes to short as we we've seen with many comrades. One point of order is the old baby boomer style of work work work better be looked at . I my self have worked for 25 years waiting for the boomers to retire,(and they are still there) and worked just as hard; however the generation below me will not tolerate this. They want to work hard but also get the time off to play hard. If owner ops want to survive they better change with the times. Th
  7. Let's all realize that owners/operators are not hurting. Cootoes to them. However when I see a check for 30,000.00 when they bought fuel low and sold it for more, all fair. We ask for a raise.... Do u hear the crickets.... Just 2 cents
  8. Could some one link me to Gov Canada site that points out this 1926hrs. As well as the other laws that pertain to AME's I am courious as to if you have to work this amount in a year to be "full time". As for the comments as to hours; I believe I am on call 24 7. When that Sat phone rings, it doesn't care what time it is or how much sleep I had. Thanks
  9. I have encountered this. Usually after overhaul. My opinion would be not to worry unless... 1. Is there smoking after shut down 2. is the oil jet you clean coking a large amount 3. is your flow check below the min 90cc 4. are the pilots power checks (if they do them) not consistant 5. is there any abnormal noise when you turn the blades 6. is there abnormal oil consumption Hope this helps Daren
  10. I wrote earlier thinking it was a strike with the blade to the side, and offered advise, however I don't see how you can hit head on unless you miss the hanger door completely or it's closed. just a thought Daren (darcor)
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