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    CYUL- Montreal, Quebec.
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    My name is Rob Ferlisi, I'm 19, and have just completed my training for my CPL(H). My passion has always been to fly. Now that day has finally come! I'm a lineman at AeroToyStore (FBO in Montreal).
  1. Hey, Thanks for the quick reply my email is robertferlisi@hotmail.com.
  2. Hello Everyone, I know this question has been asked before...but I looked back and either the links don't work or its always done through PM... But does anyone have a POH online for the Bell 206B, and 206L, and 407. If you can help me out...the more important one out of those three is the 206B as I will be doing my rating on it soon.. Thanks in advance! Robert
  3. Hey guys, Since everyone is asking for flight manuals, I just thought I would put in a couple requests If you have for the: Agusta 109E Power Bell 206B III Bell 407 Bell 430 Thanks very much, Robert
  4. Hello, I am just curious to see if someone has an RH44 or a BH206, that they would be willing to rent out or sell some hours. I just finished my CHPL, and would like to build some hours in a RH44 or BH206. If anyone in the Montreal area has a machine they are willing to sell off some hours I am very interested in purchasing. I have a "business" proposition I would like to speak with the owner about. If your are interested, or have any information that would be able to help my search please PM me. Thanks very much for your time. Robert Ferlisi
  5. Hello Guys, I just wanted to say that your advice was "bang on", because there is a new pilot up there with you!! I passed my flight test, it was the happiest day of my life!!! I can't wait to see what other doors open up for me now. Thanks sooo much everyone!!!! Rob
  6. Hello I would just like a little advice on the flight test. I currently have 86.9 hours, and I am preparing all this week for the flight test. I am kinda nervous (which I think is normal ). I am reviewing all my stuff up until the test, the POH, maps, weather reports, etc... Can anyone give me some advice on the flight test in general. Just curious to get some extra advice. I would greatly appreciate any advice that anyone can give me. Thanks very much, Rob
  7. Hello I am in training at one of the schools, and am completely 300% satisfied with the one I am with. I also have personal experiance with another school which I didnt like, and the last one I know just a bit about. But its a very good school. I dont want to give out names of the schools, but if you pm me I would gladly give you more information. Rob
  8. Hello I work 32 hours a weekend, at an FBO in Montreal. I do this cause I can't work during the week due to college, and I fly once a week. Its awesome that one hour I log, would love to fly more, but I don't want to kill myself working anymore lol. The 32 hours doesn't even pay for one hour so I got a 10,000 dollar line or credit and just take the difference from there. Soon I will be a commercial pilot, then I will look back and know that all this hard work has paid off! Its a drug and I can't let it go! Rob
  9. Hey!!! Just was wondering whos flying in for the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal. Mor specifically, at Dorval (Pierre Elliott Trudeau) Airport? I work at Aero Toy Store FBO, and was wondering if I could meet any of you guys? Just curious as to whos coming in, and also I woudl recommend Aero Toy Store, the best place at the airport. You won't regret coming here. Looking forward to meeting some people, I hear lots of helicopters fly in for the F1 GP. Anyways, let me know! Thanks, Robert J. Ferlisi If you can write your name and aircraft reg your coming in, just so I know
  10. Hey Guys I sent them an email. Eh, it can't hurt! I am still waiting for a response. Gonna let you know when I do. I would like to see more, if its true or not. Sounds a bit iffy to me. I guess I will know if I get an email or not, if this thing is actually real. Thanks, Take care, Robert
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