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  1. Pretty petty shot at Paul there Brian, when all he did was offer a very valid reason as to why the new regs would harm many. Another indicator that Transport doesn't give a crap, no matter how many nice individuals work there. Paul and I are of different opinions as to what is acceptable, but I never disrespect him personally because of that. This thread needs to stay on topic and not disintegrate into a slander-fest. Some of the opinions here are very valuable and could assist others in their potential submission to the great powers in Ottawa, so best to keep it factual and avoid the per
  2. All valid points Brian, but if you look back at my other post, my argument all along has been that the helicopter portion of the aviation industry has been all but ignored during this process. I'm not going to get into a protracted argument about what version of the rules produces a safer environment, because theoretical situations and statistics can be shown to prove whatever result you want. The industry won't magically have everyone working a 2 and 2. How will it reduce my pay? Simple. On a 2 and 2 vs. 3 and 3 from May 1st to Aug 31st I get an extra week of work on the 3 and 3 schedule
  3. What you're losing sight of with this good, bad, extreme, center discussion is the idea that we, as helicopter people, are going to be regulated in the same fashion as scheduled airlines. We weren't listened to simply because we didn't have an association or a union to bring our thoughts to the table. A change is ok, but if anyone thinks this is the magical pill to level the playing field in the helicopter business, I'd like to sell them a bridge. I work a 3 and 3 in the summer and love it. All these new proposed regs will do is reduce my seasonal income. They won't make my day to day lif
  4. I agree Bob, and Paul, no one is right and no one is wrong when it comes to pilots and owners wanting different levels of involvement. I guess my attitude about work is why I'm not an owner and never wanted to be. I make a good living doing what I do, how I want to do it. Again, my issue is with the process.
  5. Beg to differ on the 42 and 5. It's not about lifestyle, it's about the possibility of working 42 days in a row, on duty for 14 hours every day and flying everyday up to 210 hours, then taking 5 days off and hitting it again, and expecting to be at your best. That is silly. Not going to argue about this one small point as it clouds the bigger picture. My point has nothing to do with lifestyle, money or who'd rather do what. We are all individuals with different levels of tolerance; physically, mentally and financially. What I have a problem with is how our regulatory body has gone about p
  6. One interesting thing that stands out to me, is that this esteemed group of people use the FAA and CASA as examples of other aviation regulatory bodies that have employed the "one size fits all" methodology relating to F & D times. What they don't say is that both of those organizations explored that option, but never implemented the practice, deciding instead to set aside helicopter and general aviation operations, and not regulate them in the same manner as airlines conducting scheduled and long haul operations. I have worked in the US alongside other helicopter and fixed-wing fire
  7. Nope, parts don't always reach life limit, but there is nothing wrong with using all the available time on a component if is still in good, serviceable condition. I believe this is the point Mr. Jim was trying to make.... I'm still not clear on the large jungle cat theories, but I'm not so smart, just a pilot. Kevin McCormick
  8. I don't work at this particular company, nor have I ever, but I would never make an asinine comment like that, chalking up this incident to "karma" which indicates they deserved what happened. I know a lot of very good, quality people that work there, and no matter what your opinion is of the ownership, if that is in fact what you're implying, you should remember that all of the worker bees there are simply trying to earn a living just like you and I. Kevin McCormick
  9. Pretty much had a similar kit to yours Whitestone, sitting in the cargo, but also always had a few things on me in case I wasn't able to get to it. Leatherman obviously, space blanket, lighter, a small camping fire starting kit, mini first aid kit, a couple granola bars and also always had my touque and gloves stuffed inside my jacket or a leg pocket on my Helly Hansen snow pants. Feels a bit bulky having that stuff stashed all over you, but you'd be very happy to have it if the other stuff in the cargo wasn't available. Kevin McCormick
  10. Mmmmm scotch, I like scotch Scotchy scotchy scotch Down in my belly. -Anchorman Ron Burgundy Bowmore 18 Year Old, or Balvenie Double Cask. No ice required though. Neat. Kevin McCormick
  11. How about comparing that to voter turnout in a federal election, or better yet look at how many airline pilots voted for the union reps that sat at the table during the working group discussions. Pretty sure our 25% is an amazing number given the short length of time to advertise and complete the petition. You sound a bit angry Seeker, am since you're a Safety Officer at a major oil company I'm not quite sure where your aggression is coming from. Kevin McCormick
  12. Wow. Fred, Pilot5, all I can say is I must have been working in some other industry for the past 21 years 'cause I've always spoken my mind and been able to enjoy my work and my life. I've been paid and treated fairly, never been back stabbed, and I've met some interesting people and seen some unique places. Pretty sure I'm not on any "Do Not Hire" black list either despite having disagreements with management and customers over the years. It's all in how you handle it. If you think the world is out to get you, then you'll probably react badly and blame every negative situation on someone
  13. Just had a read of Fred's website. What a load of crap. He's either lying or stupid, or both, or just getting some kind of weird satisfaction from being involved in something he really knows nothing about. Kevin McCormick
  14. I'm pretty sure that those of us who are completing the survey and signing the petition aren't saying we want to do 42 and 5, we just don't want the airline unions dictating rules for helicopter operations. We want a voice in the decision making process. Kevin McCormick
  15. Pretty sure that too many "Don't Know's" or "Niether Agree Nor Disagree's" would have the same effect as no petition/survey at all. If TC, CARAC and other members of the working group think that we can't form an opinion, then how could we expect to be allowed to participate in any meaningful discussions on how, or even if, we should amend the current regs? Kevin McCormick
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