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  1. @Wheatbix I guess what I refer to as dual cell is a valve you can lock or unlock and allows air to move freely from one side to the other, so when you leen out of a medium or left hand drive Astar it supports your rear much better(and yes I am French!!!) and your spine alignment will thank you later down the road... It helps out a lot with comfort and body placement wich all helps reduce fatigue on long external load days!
  2. Hey Guys I have one also, I believe mine is the mid height one 3 inch thick and mesures about 15 by 15 also and if you are close to the border buy it through the state, get it delivered to a UPS office and bring it across the border yourself, mine with the multi cells cost me 350 US plus aprox 50 in taxes and duty, the best investment ever for mediums and Astars. As 407D said it inflates a lot when going at altitudes... Does anyone ever had an issue with it with big altitude changes like from 2000 to 8-900? Cheers
  3. Sad day indeed! Even if it was in my top three ****** hotels ever... I have some very fond memories of that place
  4. I went to a flight school who hired there own students, I was determined to be in the top students to graduate and I did I was a few years more mature then the other top students and probably worked in my favor! That first summer, I worked on the ground and with a spray program, when I returned back from a three or four months stint they told me I would get PPCd and I fortunately passed! That winter I got laid off, but still had the opportunity to do carnival rides to get close to 50 hours. The next spring with no promise of a full time flying position I was supposed to drive a truck for the
  5. Im deeply saddened today, All my deepest condolences to Greg's Wife, Child, Family and co workers at Sunrise. Frank
  6. Yes it has happened to me, my helmet is now 6 years old...probably 4000 hrs of use out of it :)usualy happends at about the time to change the edge roll... every 2-3 years of heavy use and the leather starts to rot away from sweat...change the edge roll and your back in buisiness and 100 $ less in the bank... Francois
  7. I wonder how many of us on this forum have flown the old Miramar job or the new Newmont...Or the McFauld's lake area, Or in Raglan for that mather, I know I have and im sure im not the only one...that being said ive been moving drills on and off for the last 8 years, As much as I enjoy moving drills, it brings you to some highly undesireble places for some very long rotations. It is some of the best money, the VFR world has to offer...But money is not everything, and yes the drill camps have changed trememdously in the last years, where most of the nice perks are now all gone. You cant even fa
  8. What I have found after trying all major supliers (Emergo, Barry and Cannam) is that Cannam is my favorite by far (I have no clue what the costs are in comparison) The longline has an external electrical cord, its very important as spectra lines do stretch, give or take a few feet per 100, the way the protective sheet is atached to the timbles via a bolt not a strap...and the manifacturing of the timbles are rebust and well put together. They also offer a good set up for a electric swivel and cargo hook all compatible with each other and no need for extra shackels to make it all fit well. Th
  9. Hello every one Most small helicopters that I fly, torque is measured at the engine and the transmision is the torque limiting factor. The T/R takes +- 10-20 % torque in the hover, ounce the T/R is offloaded with forward airspeed with the verticle fin becoming more efficient, this 10-20 % torque can now be transfered to the main gear box exceeding its torque limitations. Hope this helps Frank
  10. Hey Guys Mine is through Sun Life Financial 101$ a Month for 300 000$ it is Pro Rated. Nasty questionaire... I was 29, non-smoker. As for mortgage insurance my mortgage holder, would not pay out had I died flying a helicopter so we passed.. My life insurance will pay the martgage... Frank
  11. Hello JFK Not that I am an expert, but here is my experience on the latest version of B3 with the two DECU with the EBCAU. Serial # in the 4000... The GONG sound will start when you reach the first limit I.E. torque 100% or calculated max NG and the computer will start recording either when you exceed the transient limit or 1.5 seconds in the transient limit. The gong will also sound if the collective movement is too abrubt and the computer thinks you will exceed. So its easy if you hear the gong; lower collective and nothing is recorded. I hope this helps and enjoy the B3
  12. Hey guys ‘flight time’ - means the time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight; (temps de vol) E.I. skids up to skids down. That being said, if the blades are turning and crews are getting in and out you are still acting as PIC of that A/C, Same usualy goes for the clients bill therefore thats usualy what I put down for PIC in my logbook. Returning to the original question 900 hrs/Year averaged over the last six years. Frank
  13. Congratulations Cole! Believe it or not they easy part is done now (getting your license and finding a job)!!! Now the real learning begins, Try not to make all the classic rooky mistakes yourself, learn off others and try to never make the same mistake twice. Second time around, usualy your luck already ran out!!! Like all of us, You are starting out with a big box of luck, try not to use it all up in the first years, you might need some of that luck later down the road!!! Fly safe, work hard, play hard and most importanly of all go have fun and learn a new profession! Kee
  14. Maybee a bare B3 will weight 2700 lbs ours weight in closer to 2900lbs and it will lift its full ext gross weight of 6173 (hook rated for 3000 lbs) at sea level ISA with some power reserve...impressive! Don't know how well it maintains performance at altitude. We just got it...
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