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  1. Do you wear contact lenses or have you considered a good pair of pre$cription sunglasses. I have used Serengeti's rose colored lenses with great results for years in the barren-lands and have recently given serious consideration to a pair of Rx Maui Jim$ in the same tint.
  2. Feel like I am making my first call to talk radio: "Long time listener, first time caller." It's beginning to look more and more likely that I will soon be joining the flight line. Now that DI's and peeking in fuel drums are going to be a very regular addition to my work life, I am looking at flashlights and am having a tough time deciding on which route to take. Regular bulbs, LED, plastic, metal, big enough to use as a crook-stop or small enough to wear on your belt right next to the pilot tool ... The choices are endless. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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