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  1. I don't know but this was a similar issue back in the 70's. Back then Canadian operators were hiring X Vietnam vets to fly in northern Quebec on the Hydro Quebec James Bay project. This was due to a shortage of helicopter pilots. The federal government however provided funding to train pilots. Why doesn't the government do the same today and provide operators that same funding to help Canadian low time pilots get a foothold in the industry rather than TFW taking that experience outside Canada?
  2. Harvey Evans is the guy who got the compnay going from scratch for Ericson. He passed away a few years ago in Chetwynd.
  3. Why doesn't EuroCopter go to Chrysler and have their engineers come up with the push button electric sliding door opener just like the mini vans have. They're child proof too just in case one of those absent minded drillers or juggies, might have their foot still stuck out the side.
  4. You better watch what you write. We might have to report you to the SPCA for utter threats. :shock:
  5. They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, do you behold?
  6. Boy I'm glad that no one has spotted any of those Black helicopters that lurk in the dark of night.
  7. I think that the HF is just as reliable as a Global Star sat phone, which is just as good as a paper weight right now.
  8. Correct. That was my observation too. Thats called a heel landing unless your feet are on backwards. They're a bit harder to do than toe ins. But this Chinook pilot is a 10 for sure.
  9. How about Pickle lake, Ontario, Marathon, Wawa, and any other hamlet, town village, iggloo, or place north of 60 except Yellowknife.
  10. I think that Brian isn't posting anymore because he's in Cowtown right now pleading his case to all the members that are in attendance.
  11. What about un-used mins. The air crew should be paid double as the operator gets pretty good coin for the machine just to sit on the ground. He gets more per hour just sitting than flying. If the crew can find a way to cut down on the flying and accumulate the mins for the company they should get more than just the regular hourly rate. Why do you think that BCFS and Alta. only wnat to pay 80% of un-used mins. They know that the operator makes more too, so they want a deal. That 80% ideal is something that migrated to Canada from Alaska. As for non rev I don't have a problem with it as your already getting a base wage just for sitting around the hanger and drinking coffee. Not many jobs out there pay that way. As for getting flight pay for your training? I think not as the operator is dishing out a lot of cash to give you the training. Be grateful that you do get training. I'm sure that there are some companies out there if they could wouldn't do any at all. However as we all know that there is an operator out there who makes you pay for your traing and PPC. I think that some have it good but may see one guy say that he gets paid for the non rev flights and figure that he should get the same. But maybe that same pilot might not get his lodging or airline ticket paid for or might to do 6 week tours. Who knows. the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. It usually just depends where the sun is sitting in the sky. Its usually the same color.
  12. That must be why Bell is shutting down their 206 production line.
  13. It would be nice to see some pics of some Canuks who might be attending the HAI. Or maybe you have already posted some and may not be easily reconizable like me which have grown old and have changed in apperance. Keep up the good work Mike.
  14. Like the old saying goes "There's a sucker born every minute" Thats what a Montreal cop told me once when he handed me my ticket. Yyks. Thats a lot of coin.
  15. I think that the pilot must have been right handed while the co-pilot was left handed or one of the pilots must have thought that the other was putting in a little too much left cyclic and decided to help along and correct the left input just a tat too much.
  16. Some just write TT2 for short, its a lot easier.
  17. I'm sure that this guy must be single and or doesn't have kids, because when my kids were very young the post that they would make was "Are we there yet" or "how many more minutes before we get there", when they were older. It never failed that when I gave them an ETA only to hear the same question pop up a few minutes later. When you have kids you learn to be patient just like you have to be when numerous customers might ask you, if that propeller in the back is what pushes the helicopter along, or what happens when the engine stops, does that big propeller on top stop too? The only stupid questions are the ones that aren't asked. heheheh!
  18. Wait 2 hours, call out fee $100.00. 2 aircraft $200.00. No bargains, and no service.
  19. The Americans always show off their new toys at the airshows when everyone has heard of them, such as the F-117 and the B-2. This maybe just a prelude to the 2007 Abbotsford air show I think. No one knows what goes on at Area-51. I'm not knocking your experince. I had one when I was a young teen. It was a rainy day at our cottage in the middle of no-where. I didn't see anything but sure as **** heard something that I can only describe that sounded like what vehicule tires make on a wet paved road going 100 km/hr. The problem is that the paved road was about 3 miles away. Years later I heard from someone that there was evidence of a UFO landing in that same field behind our cottage. This was back in the late sixties. Go figure. They probably have wisper modnow. If I do get to see one I will have to check up on my interception procedures to get them to land to see if they have a set of duals so that I get my saucer endorsement and PPC. I hope that there's someone at TC to do my ride once my endorsement is done. I wonder what the VNEis on one of those and if it changes if the long line hatch is open. I wonder what happens in an engine failure. Well I guess we know that from the Rosswell accident. I think that the alien did ok, a few survived. I wonder if he ran out plutonium when he couldn't find that fuel cache.
  20. Do yourself or whoever your looking this info for a big gig favor. STAY AWAY FROM 500s. I'm not knocking the machine. It does have its niche market and does very well. Its loud and cramped and no range. Its the lambogini of the heli industry, fast and agile. :closedeyes:
  21. I was unsure what a "Class 4 driver's license" was so I found out and the definition I found is as follows "Class 4: This permit allows the operator to drive a taxi, ambulance, or bus with seats for up to 24 passengers. Minimum learning or licensing age is 18. " My question is why would someone need this? I'm not driving a taxi, ambulance, nor a bus. Taxi = light, intermediate helicopter (Bell 206, Astar) Ambulance = twin engine medivac helicopter (BK 117, S-76) Bus 24 passenger = heavy (S-61, 234 Chinook helicopter) Wouldn't a commercial pilot licence suffice?????? :shock:
  22. Doing ground work is just like boot camp. Why do you think that soldiers have to go through rigorus traing at boot camp for? Its for you to survive in the battlefield. Such as ground work in the heli industry helps a young inexperienced 100 hr pilot to survive in this industry. These are things that cannot be completley taught at a flight school. When I was looking at resumes I was looking what more that a low timer could offer the company, such as other skills other than flying.
  23. Check this out. It works great. http://www.hhssoftware.com/powercheck/
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