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  1. Attached is a example of why I like guns… :shock: Bear Attack.doc
  2. Just curious...So does that mean you quit flying for greener pastures? I have talked to a lot of guys lately that say if given a good offer to do something else they would quit flying and take it for better lifestyle, money ect. I am sure all of us have had thoughts like these..myself included. Its like golf though…your game always comes together on the 18th hole and you are hooked! **** it!
  3. That thing does look pretty good!! So cheap you cant afford not to buy one.... I had my 296 stolen so I need something new...I will be check this one out. Thanks for tip Phil!
  4. I am one of the few who have had a nasty wreck and if I had not been wearing a helmet I would have been dead or brain damaged. I was wearing a Gallet at the time. Even with the help of the helmet I still received a severe concussion. THANK YOU GALLET!! The best $$ I ever spent! Some food for thought....
  5. Well said. You can always make another trip if you have to. When I have been in tight spots at gross weight sometimes moving half of your gear to a larger spot is the safest way of getting the job done. Get to a spot where you have some room to use translational lift. This doesn't always work but it can be a useful "out" if you need it.
  6. Just speculation here but I would guess that the safest place for the guy on the end of the line is farthest away from the helicopter as possible. That would be a very hard call to push the button and send him falling. Certainly if the heli lands on top or near him he is in big trouble. But like skydivers who have survived falls from thousands of feet up maybe there is a chance of falling into something relatively soft....SCARY!!
  7. I remember landing at the Pink Mountain convienience store in the parking lot so the boys could reload the beer stash. During playoffs and the Oilers were doing well...desperate times called for desperate measures! I could only imagine what the passing traffic thought about 3 guys running frantically with 6 flats of beer toward the running helicopter....
  8. My favorite part is the yellow shorts with the "business suit".....very professional...
  9. You could also try www.tigerperformance.com. They have some pretty interesting stuff.
  10. I've used one with the Bose headsets before and the person I was talking to didn't even know I was flying the sound quality was so good. Good if youre in a pinch and need to make a call.
  11. Have to agree, The 296 is awesome especially when you have the unlocked maps. The price is coming down now too.. I got mine for 2300 a few years ago.
  12. I don't know if anyone has brought this video up before...interesting none the less. http://www.tc.gc.ca/civilaviation/systemsa...eos/tp14334.htm
  13. I wrote a new Gallet off about 4 years ago and had no problems.
  14. What a pi** off! I wanna see that!! :angry: Speaking of helicopters on TV I just watched Suviverman on OLN and Kokanee's Astar was on one of the episodes. :up:
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