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  1. Stay away from AE!!!! I've had every helmet on the market and the AE are crap. I've owned two of them and they are not reliable and are bulky. Go with the Galet or the Gentex HGU 56.
  2. My daddy bought me a Roho for my motorcycle, and it was about $150. It is smaller then a traditional Roho but would probably work in the Astar.
  3. DO IT! So worth your while. I've got so much work because of my FAA. Plus it's $260/hr(taxes in) compared to whatever the schools in Canada are asking. TC suggested it to me simply because of the savings. Look up Glacier Aviation in Skaggit/Burlington.
  4. How about operating off a logging float camp? That's a floating platform, all operations over the water. Then add in long-lining off the float camp...What would pulling chokers off a 10x20 foot float in the middle of an inlet be considered? Maybe the logging guys are high time offshore operators?????? I'm going to to go polish up my resume.
  5. OK I need to get my night restriction removed. How can I get the required time the cheapest? I need about 20 hrs. I have heard that some guys have taken lessons in a cessna until they can solo and then go solo at night until they have topped up their night time. I've called transport to see if this is legit (because I'm not licensed on fixed wing) but no one there knows s*** from shinola. Who has done this? Has it worked? How long ago did you do it? Thanks in advance from the peanut gallery on weather this is "save" or not but I'm a big boy. Another cheap option is going to the US and renting an R22 for about $200/hr. Thanks
  6. I had an android for 2 weeks but had to return it because it didn't work as advertised and is not compatible with a mac. I-phone all the way!
  7. "Clowns? hardly. They work hard and play hard. thought it was the most honest part of the show. especially the jagerbombs at the end!" So puking off the tree because they were so hung over and F-bombs every third word is a good portrayal? What about the crack pipe reference in the pub at the end right after the jagerbombs? I think the Coulson show was done way better. Mayco only dropped the F-bomb every 5-6th word
  8. I am looking for some info on hydraulic water pumps such as the types used on medium belly tanks. Manufactures, where I could get them, price... It doesn't have to be the same one as in the picture, I'm open to different ideas. The pump will not be attached to the helicopter. Thanks, Mini Chopper.
  9. "Ok so I've painted a 1000 lb cedar at the bottom of the hemlock birds nest, I want you to dig it out. It might take a few repos. After that PT it with that other 1200 lb cedar you spent 5 mins digging for...and hurry up will ya."
  10. Thank you! No one appreciates us loggers. I haven't done heli skiing but mostly every thing else and the only one that would get noticeable mention is setting towers.
  11. No, just a regular molded ear plug with the cep set into it. Works great and way quieter then using the foam plug.
  12. I absolutely love my cep. I had them mounted in some custom moulded ear plugs and they work great! No pressure on my ears and no fatige. I regularly have them in for 10hrs with no prob.
  13. I just bought a set of speakers from CEP and had them placed into some custom moulded ear plugs. I highly recomend this. You can buy a set of speakers from CEP for less than $100. The moulded ear plugs cost around $250. The volume on the control box went from max volume to the minimum setting. You still get any electrical noise, just not as loud. http://www.cep-usa.com/
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