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  1. Flying sky divers one day and the next day it is -40?? 🙄🤪
  2. HGU-84 single bungee visor with Lightspeed ANR = 966 grams.
  3. Yes Glad you like it. I’ve used an HGU for over 15yrs. In the past year I bought a new setup with the Lightspeed and the fatigue has dropped immensely.
  4. HGU-84 single bungee visor with Lightspeed ANR. 800hrs + a year looking straight down at the line and no neck pains. Lightest combo you’ll find. Trust me.
  5. Gibson Barnes offer a 3yr warranty on their Lightspeed, Tiger and Bose do not. Have a Lightspeed in a HGU-84 and wouldn’t fly without it now.
  6. Know a a couple fellas with the Bose Gallet and Evo combo. All are really happy with them. Personally have used a HGU-84 single bungee visor for the past 20 yrs as 90% of my time is out the bubble and like the light weight and compactness of the helmet. Have loved the fit of the helmet out of the box and is pretty quite. Just recently went through all the research as I wanted to replace it as it’s getting to be that time. Ended up going with the same helmet from Gibson Barnes but are having them install the Lightspeed ANR. Unlike the Bose it comes with a 3yr manufacturer warranty and seems to be a good lightweight system. The Bose once installed has no warranty as you are basically dismantling a Bose headset to install and Bose will not warranty anything. All good choices out there but just personal preference. I deal with Nate from Gibson Barnes and is always helpful. Unit all in with paint runs around $3000 US which is cheaper than most.
  7. Sure Steve if you enjoy giving the Government 40% of your paycheck. ;-)
  8. Maybe for full time guys but not for a contractor. This is set in stone either way.
  9. I'm 42 non smoker and spend 90% of my time at the end of a longline. Been in the industry for 20yrs. I have 2 young kids and a wife who depend upon me. I have been searching for years to find something affordable. Finally found an underwriter who was able to give me 1.5 million term insurance till I am 65 for about $150 a month no conditions. Was told the bank mortgage insurance isn't worth the paper its written on as they will find every out they can to not pay. Usually that means some type of pilot error as 99% of the time lawyers can find something we did wrong in an emergency situation. Any way if your interested Pm me and I'll share the underwriters contact. He's a good guy and understands our situation.
  10. Follow this link http://www.mandbmag.com/buckets/alum/index.html We use them under mediums and heavys and they work well. Made in Canada.
  11. http://www.huey-helicopter.co.za/flight-tour/videos.html
  12. The only ships in the US that use numbers are the tanked type 1 A/C (Cranes, 61s, Kmax) All other ships use thier Registration. Not saying numbers aren't a good idea though.
  13. HQ is going to Idaho and Rainier is going to So Cal. Not sure who else yet.
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