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  1. Happydude- I heard a few months ago that they were offering a 2500 hr VFR guy the position and it paid about 60k. Given the current rates that are being paid in the corporate world I'd say that's why there is alot of turnover. I know a few corporate drivers that are getting well over 100k. Perhaps they'd pay more for an uber-qualified person with experience on type? Course maybe I rec'd bad info... My understanding is executive shuttle work around the GTA, etc. Not being operated commercially I believe.
  2. So I guess the base managers can no longer withold overtime when aircrew neglect to complete weekly power checks?? Now THAT was ridiculous.
  3. Hey MR. No-see-em, Happy New Year. Glad to see you're working on something new. With reference to Phil's post- don't slow that thing down too much or you'll be in reverse-unless of course your flight test vehicle isn't what I'm thinking it is. If you're interested you could come along on my next"blow the rust off" flight; no ADF but a couple of GPS/VOR/ILS rigs. Cheers, Marten
  4. The time on type requirement is 10 hours PIC in order to conduct type training, along with a Comm . or ATPLH licence. This allows you to recommend the candidate for the rating. In order to "sign off" the licence, meaning issue the endorsement, on the back of your licence or granting an additional priviledges card, you must be an "authorized person", not just some dude. This is normally a company training pilot, TC Inspector, etc that has had the "Authorized Person's " training course. But, if you have the rating on your ticket, it's yours. Someone processed the correct paperwork.
  5. Pitchlink said it well near the start, as did some others, that the content needs some improvement as does standardization of the syllabus. So many schools just teach a student how to fly, and few learn the extras. I've had a student fresh out of a Commercial program that did only one hour of full-ons,and had never slung or refuelled his own aircraft. Any extras help to say the least, it would be great to see all schools give the same operational content. Look at what Canadore used to offer compared to CHC at Buttonville. NO offence to anyone but the extras the Canadore folks got were in a la
  6. So here it is - stupid tales from the past. I was working off the coast of Rankin Inlet from a 400 foot research ship back in '95. The lead Hydrographer needed a mooring slung into the harbour for one of his survey boats. Me, with no long line experience, volunteer to place an anchor into the deep water with my trusty fixed float 206. So, the crew and I rig together one of the "finer synthetic long lines of the era" ( translation -huge anchor rope) to good old BSP. The helideck was designed originally for something smaller than a 206, so here I am, peering past a fixed float, trying to p
  7. hey there LR - Respect from those young wippersnappers? Right!! How many times was Flinger fired over the course of the weekend and he still showed up at work. Not to mention his refusal to partake in the "Up Yours Gang inaugeral PPC ritual" Lightweight doesn't even come close.
  8. Jeeeeeeeeeeez bys, now everyone's goin' to know who we really are!! And I thought it was all a secret. Could y'ave posted any less flattering a pic of us? Least we didn't give away the secret location! It'll be safe for next year. Say, anyone find my fez?
  9. To the chairman - just calling it as I've seen it, needn't get hot under the collar. In my post I hope that people saw that I was shaming the insurance folks! I think all of us in the business have seen or heard alot of things that "aren't the way it should be". Broke - what can I say to ya? The fact that I've left one company for another to gain some different experience troubles you? My business, nobody elses. You make it sound like I was fired or something! Couldn't be farther from the truth. As for the bald / fat thing - whatever dude....
  10. Now that wouldn't be very professional, would it? Go ahead, ask me three times!!
  11. The sad reality that I've seen over the last three years at two different companies is that pilots must supply their times to the insurance company for approval. The honest guys with real times are either told to get more time or they are only approved to fly a small machine with one pax to limit the liability potential. The crappy part of this is when the Chief Pilot is buddy-buddy with a new guy and wants to get him flying a turbine. So, the two of them lie to the insurance folks about hours, the new guy gets approved, and the guy with a magical zero added to his total turbine experienc
  12. Last I heard from TC is that NOBODY was getting Astar type ratings right now. Unless they got their HYD. off training done in a US aircraft, that is. What's the word? 'Course I'm assuming you're in our great frigid land, if not disregard!
  13. As Ernie is gone his replacement said no go on the dough. I wonder if Toronto will ever get an aircraft? Just finished watching the news and man, there's been a lot of crap going on lately. Durham was called in to assist the other night after yet another murder.
  14. Some time ago there was a huge bruhaha and press release about the Ontario Regional Air Support Program. At that time they were close to ordering up a couple of 120's Anybody hear what they're up to? Now that Toronto is not getting their Million$ grant/gift/whatever maybe they'll be the flavour of the month again? The guy in charge had some pretty grand ideas!! No licence or experience, just ideas.
  15. Mr. Longrange-dude, I saw yer rum but I think the bottle was empty. Sorry 'bout that. The CTD-omatic was slicing,dicing, but no julienne frys. Wicked chicken marsala, and a fine serving of smoked salmon however. Not bad for a coaster! (Sorry again about the dogs there dude). Almost forgot breakfast - it was good too but the hashbrowns are better shredded-more surface area for butter to cling to. Flinger, call me Wed. CTD and I talked about you. T5orwhatevermynewhandleshouldbemaybemaxMPoftheday!
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