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  1. Good work marblearch. Thanks for sharing. Does your handle come from a Hotel?
  2. The media might be very interested in telling the public that when they get into a helicopter the pilot may have just worked 14 hours a day for 41 days. It might make a good "How safe is Helicopter Flying" story!
  3. I have used the Bose in the Astar and found when the window on the left side sliding door was open, causing buffeting in the cockpit, the Bose distorted! I returned the headset to Bose for a full refund. For the majority of my 40 years of flying, I have use custom moulded ear pieces under my helmet/headset. My latest audiogram showed better than average hearing. Thanks
  4. tin lizzie, Have you tried Navionics for marine charts. Available in Apple Apps Store? Comment: I have found this thread to be one of the best on Vertical Forums. Thank you all!
  5. It is too bad a company like Garmin just does not care anymore! I have switched to the iPad mini, with Foreflight, and love it.
  6. Don't get me wrong...if I could do it again starting in the 70's...for sure!!! Would I do it the way the industry is know....NO WAY!
  7. Well said Whitestone and Skidz. Sure, flying is a thrill....after forty years as a Helicopter Pilot would I do it again...NO WAY!!!!
  8. Well said! So, all you have to do is ask your employer if they want you to provide security for the aircraft and watch it while on duty. Then you would have the same status as a security guard.
  9. I see the Owners are reading this thread!!!!
  10. One simple solution would be to ask the employer "What are my hours of work?"
  11. One simple solution would be to ask the employer "What are my hours of work?" ote name='hybrid' timestamp='1347136946' post='143151'] Do you think they would take us? I wouldn't
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