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  1. Good work marblearch. Thanks for sharing. Does your handle come from a Hotel?
  2. The media might be very interested in telling the public that when they get into a helicopter the pilot may have just worked 14 hours a day for 41 days. It might make a good "How safe is Helicopter Flying" story!
  3. I have used the Bose in the Astar and found when the window on the left side sliding door was open, causing buffeting in the cockpit, the Bose distorted! I returned the headset to Bose for a full refund. For the majority of my 40 years of flying, I have use custom moulded ear pieces under my helmet/headset. My latest audiogram showed better than average hearing. Thanks
  4. tin lizzie, Have you tried Navionics for marine charts. Available in Apple Apps Store? Comment: I have found this thread to be one of the best on Vertical Forums. Thank you all!
  5. It is too bad a company like Garmin just does not care anymore! I have switched to the iPad mini, with Foreflight, and love it.
  6. Don't get me wrong...if I could do it again starting in the 70's...for sure!!! Would I do it the way the industry is know....NO WAY!
  7. Well said Whitestone and Skidz. Sure, flying is a thrill....after forty years as a Helicopter Pilot would I do it again...NO WAY!!!!
  8. Well said! So, all you have to do is ask your employer if they want you to provide security for the aircraft and watch it while on duty. Then you would have the same status as a security guard.
  9. I see the Owners are reading this thread!!!!
  10. One simple solution would be to ask the employer "What are my hours of work?"
  11. One simple solution would be to ask the employer "What are my hours of work?" ote name='hybrid' timestamp='1347136946' post='143151'] Do you think they would take us? I wouldn't
  12. I just think of full time fire fighters who show up fo work and proptly go to bed for 8 hours When the shift is done and there are no fires try and tell them htey did not work that day!!!
  13. Wow, It is surprising how many people don't what, please PM means.
  14. How about an " Waterless Car Wash " product like Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash
  15. CME refers to Custom Made Earpiece. I had custom earpieces made by a hearing aid company. They are made of a soft rubber and have a vent in them to allow for pressure differences when flying. I have sent them in to have the CEP mics and wiring installed. The bluetooth interface...Blulink Wireless Cell Phone/iPod adapter...T-5449-PA 86BLU/H Costs $285.00 US Both items puchased from Tiger Performance in New York State
  16. How sad is this! I am a helicopter pilot, I am not in any way conected with Tiger Performance or Gallet Helmets. My intention was to pass on my experience to others so they may benefit. It is very clear that this is not a Helcopter Pilot Forum. I don't know what it is .....buy it sure is sad!!!!
  17. Helmet was puchased from Tiger Performance in Ney York state. No problem shipping and great service. The owner...Sony..is an offshore power boat racer
  18. Into my second season with the Gallet. WOW! I have two shields...green and amber. Both deploy and retract beautifly and I don't know they are there! The optics are near perfect! The fit is snug but not tight..boom mike stays put and has great audio. I have a volume control. I can fit in most bubble windows. Chin strap easy to do up. It has ANR using 9 volt battery ( buy on sale, averge price $2.75 ) last about 12 to 18 hrs. I also use CEP soon to be CME. The noise reduction is wonderful!!!!! I also use an inline Bluetooth cell phone and iPod interface so I can make calls from the
  19. To answer your questions. ANR does not cancel out Astar klaxon. As far as I know Noise reduction, ANR, is not harmful to your ears I do not have any experience with the wireless helmets. I think you would be able to receive radio calls ...but would you not have to key a mike to transmit?
  20. I ordered a Gallet helmet from www.Tigerperformance.com on Mon. May 10. I received the helmet on Thur. May 13. The model I chose was the LH 250 with two shields (yellow/green) carbon shield cover, volume control, electric mike (with wind cover) hush ear cups, ANR, and 3 foot coiled cord. Total cost $2600 US. A lot to pay for a helmet, but what a helmet !!!!! Excellent fit, great shields with great mechanics, superior sound reduction, and darn good looks. I am completely satisfied. If you order one ask for Sonny.
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