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  1. Man...it seems like we are just covering ground over...and over....and over again..... I see the same questions asked time and time again!!! If that's not the case then there are some new arbitrary discussions being brought up like fuel sloshing in a A-Star.....WOW you are paying attention to your machine.....DO YOU WAN"T A HERO COOKIE???!!! We don't all have to hear about your new revelation!!!! I realise that there is a wealth of information at your fingertips here on the "world wide web" but before you decide to ask a question....FEEL FREE TO BROUSE THOURGH THE ENDLESS PAGES OF TOPICS TO MAKE **** SURE THAT THE SAME QUESTION HAS NOT BEEN ASKED 10,000 TIME BEFORE!!!!! I have noticed that most of the questions and answers here have been from less experienced people that havn't had a chance to see what it's like in the "world that is Helicopters" and I appologize in advance to those that are experinced and are humoring the less experienced.... If you need information on certain topics (not all mind you because some of the stuff on this website is actually quite usefull, see my previous question and posts) pick up a book or a flight manual and read it firts hand and you are likely to retain the knowledge for a longer period of time!!!!!!! One of the most important lessons in this industry to learn is to pull up your socks, take some initiative, and try and find the answer for your self before you ask for help so that you know where the answer is. There are many tests to complete in your career and they are not all on paper Cheers SG P.S. The score on most of those tests is not depending on spelling as you have seen above....
  2. When he opens up a flight school....I'm in...
  3. I do believe they have that system installed on the 22... doesn't it connect the drive train to the power plant????
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstance and I wish you good luck!!!
  5. I've heard the stories of the A-Star being refered to as the falling star about as much as the JetRanger being refered to as a DeathRanger back when it was being developed, as with all new machines the bugs had to be worked out. Now the guidlines are far more demanding and there are safe and tested production models being introduced due to those necesary regulations. If bell produces it, we are likely to see a safe and reliable A/C...but me, I like eurocopter for their design and pilot comfort(not to mention the fact that forestry likes to fly in them...chaching $$$$$) My 2 cents cheers SG
  6. There has to be somone at Bell trying to figure out a way to eliminate the rear facing seat without looking like a A-Star. My only problem with Bell is their lack of imagination and the fact that they just take a longrager and add more blades...add more HP...sharpen the nose...Blah Blah Blah Eurocopter Thanks for giving us a quiet fast and safe machine...I'll deal with some AOG time if it means that I don't have to slouch all day and have my ears ringing when I get out. Cheers SG
  7. I wonder if it's going to be belt driven like the 44?
  8. Yeah it's four blades but actually it looks like two JetRanger t/r superimposed with opposing delta hinges.....Kinda like their 412's (two m/r heads bolted together) To quote Over-Talk.....Yawn
  9. They should come up with a new design if they want to compete with eurocopter.
  10. ILMAO. Don't worry I won't ask you for a autograph. cheers SG
  11. Oh Great one, This unworthy pilot meant no disrespect he simply wanted to make sure he was properly informed. Cheers SG
  12. Hey ther cap, I have been running on jet A for 2 years. Did you by chance mean jet B?
  13. If this industry could actually agree on a fixed rate and the government went for it there would be one guy that would get in there and undercut the rest of us and get the contract. THATS WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW EVERY DAY. It's why we don't get paid what we should, it's why some a/c look like crap, it's why operators can't afford the insurance to get the lowtime drivers on line that we sorely needed, it's why there is a shortage of qualified engineers that don't want to work long hour for bad pay which are VERY SORELY NEEDED. I know there are operators that will not run their machines for less than what they are worth. There are also operators that think they are losing money if a ship is sitting and so they send it out at a rediculously low rate and everone thinks, "Wow that guy is always working, he must make money hand over fist." We will see things change but I really don't thing it will happen over night. I only take comfort in the fact that I work for a company that would rather have the a/c in the hangar being fixed of gathering dust than running it at a sub-standard rate wearing out parts that are worth more than the rate the ship is working for. Cheers SG
  14. You can't get the satelite wx up here yet. The satelite radio works if you a/c is equipped with the proper hookups. Yes you can get mapsets for anywhere south of 60. I think those units are toobmuch for a vfr pilots I recomend the map 96CS. it's small easy to see and it's only about 700$ cdn. cheers SG
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