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  1. And I can tell you for sure that the 407 WAS filming.
  2. Helicopters film at race tracks around the world all of the time. Big deal! Watch the video below. Click Here
  3. Some great flying! Click here for video
  4. Awesome job by the pilot!!! Click here for video SI
  5. Nice job! Local_20Pilot_20Safely_20Lands_20Helicopter.pdf
  6. Check out this S-330 that had some sort of tail rotor failure
  7. Niagara does surely do a lot of circuits over the falls. But there is a heck of a lot of charter work also. Toronto, Montreal the USA to name a few. They also do a lot of work with Law Enforcement and Fire Depts. on both sides of the border. And the odd lift for construction equipment for the mass amount of new hotels sprouting up too. So everyday isn't a merry-go-round! :up:
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