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  1. I'll be up front at the safety Committee meeting - come say hi!
  2. Excellent as always! Lucked out and only got 1 dud...!
  3. Short story. No passengers. Experienced a whiteout, Parked it in the snow. Engineers went up to have a look and it was flown off the mountain. Best possible outcome - big thumbs up to the pilot! Keith Director of Safety Yellowhead Helicopters
  4. Cory, Thanks for all the time and effort. Can imagine that you really needed to take this time out of your schedule to do this, but it is appreciated by many of us. Thanks. Keith Westfall
  5. I don't believe there is any "magic bullet" here. And the sad part is, that we will wake up one morning, and these laws will there waiting for us. It's been going on for a long time, and I believe that HAC is fighting for us all. Maybe not specifically for the pilots, but it will be of a benefit to us anyway (in an around about way) because no operator wants this to happen either. There will be some that will (continue) to say: "I'll make my own deal - always have - always will." - but you won't (read can't). But because pilots can't agree on where to go for lunch, not much chance of getting a common agreement on something like this! (I know this because I hate making lunch decisions...) So whether you like it or agree with it, HAC is the only one anywhere near your corner. Maybe it's time to get more involved with them and see what is happening. If TC and the airlines get away with this - a lot of us will be pretty unhappy... Keith Westfall
  6. There's a concept that hasn't been explored in quite a while....
  7. Terry! Don't hold back! Tell us what you really think!!! So if we hire low time guys and charge more, ALL of the problems disappear? If only guys like this would start their own company and put it into practice, a lot of these valuable low times guys would have it made... Keith W
  8. When taking the door off on an operational basis, what exactly would be "the incorporation of a modification"? Is it a mod just because you took the door off? Seems like a bit of a stretch when I read paragraph (i) above...
  9. No Skully, you got it all wrong!! You MAKE the guy in the left seat call the drops and you will never get the fire out, never have to go home and retire rich!!! klw
  10. The purpose of quoting this in it's entirety is...?
  11. Well, HAC has come and gone. Anyone attend? Thoughts?
  12. 35 years ago things were a bit different! Finished up my training in a 47 with Northern Mountain Helicopters, and at 100.2 hours, loaded it up and headed for the Yukon! That was in May - came home in September. No rotations, no days off (unless it rained) engineered my own machine and came home with 450 hours. Life was grand. Next year upgraded to the 206 and never looked back. Moved on from there well before Walter & Bob (it was a good company back then) and just kept going. "Can you do it..." they asked? "Sure I can!" Bucketing, Drip torch, Long Line, Fires, Mining - just go do it. Been at some good places, at one or two I chose not to work for any more, and finally ended up at a place where life is good. I like to think I've earned my place there, and try and give back whatever I can to make up for it - and it seems to work for both sides. Tough for news guys for sure - but if you want it, don't ever pass up an opportunity until you have the experience to do so. klw
  13. Interesting that we say we have the right and the freedom to say what we want... "This is what I believe!" "This is what I think!" "This is how I feel about that!" "This is what that person is like!" "This is how that company operates, pays, thinks, acts, etc" Signed: Anonymous How would it differ if we said... "This is what I believe!" "This is what I think!" "This is how I feel about that!" "This is what that person is like!" "This is how that company operates, pays, thinks, acts, etc" Signed: Keith Westfall Yellowhead Helicopters I'm thinking without the protection of a hidden identity, we just might think about what we say on some of these forums. Sitting around the table in the bar, some of the same things get said and you don't see everyone holding up the menu to hide behind! But if you're going to put it into print (which the forum is) best we choose our words more carefully, perhaps more than we do in a drunken conversation around the table. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, (and most people have at least one about most things!) but does that mean that we can hide behind our secret identity and say 'anything' we want, thinking we are free from any accountability? I think not...
  14. To all, a very Merry Christmas! Let's remember those who make it possibile...
  15. Has anyone ever got busted on this, (air time, flight time, what time?)? If not, do we really care?
  16. So, But, I wonder, So to be clear..., You can't be tested, and only if "someone" notices less than stellar performance, should they step in to do something to fix it, lest it be considered "their failure". So where does the individuals responsibility lie? They can do what they want on their own time, and if tested it would invade their privacy, but if they do screw up, it is the fault of the employer because they didn't recognize a problem and then fix it, before anything happens??? I'm reminded of the saying: "We didn't know you drank at all until you came to work sober one day." Who do you want to evaluate you on a daily basis, to make sure that there aren't any "problems" and that you should be allowed to continue with your work day? How many would have a problem with that?? Showing up at work, READY to work, (no drugs or alcohol), then having to pee in the cup should not strike fear into anyone! If you can't pass the test, then you're cheating your employer.
  17. Hard to 'get rid' of somebody just because you think you 'notice something' about an individual these days. So if an employer 'trusts' you to fly/fix his equipment, what assurance do you give that you are not drug influenced? I would think that the abuse of drugs/alcohol in the workplace has been far worse that employers abusing the drug testing. It would seem that IF an employee didn't come to the workplace under the influence, there would be no need for testing. I think the 'trust' has been abused too much to be trusted anymore... Unfortunately, (because of the actions of some), many may be tested to get the few, but what other choices are there?
  18. Now there is the worst excuse ever for that behaviour! I have nothing else to do, so I'll get drunk every night??? Must have a pretty poor excuse for a life... :down:
  19. KiloMike, But if we just accent the positive, the other will never fix its self! There is a lot of good things out there, but they never seem to stand out as much as the other... If the status quo becomes the "constant struggle with their professionalism", then the bar is set pretty low. I spent all summer in Ontario and had a great time. But the younger crews, crew leaders and what not, going out on their 1st fire, is a thing to behold! Only book learning and pep talks to make it happen. One of the things that I found frustrating, was the lack of 'respect' if you will, for my 35+ years in the industry, and the assumption that I had no idea of how to bucket, operate around a fire, or many of the other tasks that are a part of our world. These young crewmen do not understand the wealth of knowledge that is often sitting in the seat next to them. While this may be their 1st fire, it certainly isn't mine! And yes, while I can't change any other A/C crew members, I can certainly help with mine, (thought we already have some pretty good ones!) to operate in a professional manner. Maybe it happens one crew at a time. But then the almighty buck, and the king size ego, says I can do it even if no one else can. What's the saying: "Hold my beer and watch this?" So some will never refuse a pad, or turn back from weather, or say you have to take some weight off of the A/C, etc, because that makes you less of a (man/women) pilot. And I won't quit my tour when I'm tired because I'm getting $XXX.XX a day (but still not as much as P5! ) and I'm going to stay longer than anyone else because I am so great! It's sad that I saw a bit of that this year:( Safety first, unless it interferes with my status as a super pilot, money maker, and the example of the aviation world.) It seems we still have a ways to go to being professional...
  20. You're an operator, and asking that question???? Ask you insurance agent for the correct answer...
  21. Looked hard - couldn't see the pop-outs for being away from the shore :shock: Just think how many 100 hr wonders are planning their next flight already ... :down:
  22. Have to agree with Grasshopper on this! You need to work with a better company! Some companies recognize that this can and does happen and make allowances. I have always been paid on contract days/mins even if I didn't fly them before someone else did. Sometime the company has to take one for the team, sometimes we do. Seems to always work out in the end...
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