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  1. The last i heard and that was said a couple years ago.. many operators were upgrading to c30. Didnt know they locked in a date of no return.
  2. I didnt really mean over a &p. Just that they have no issues and help ames if they want to go. In Tuscon.
  3. No. But companies that can not get an AME can start the process to get a visa. They just have to show they advertised for and employee. IE. There is a third party maintenance facility in arizonia. Hire canadians all the time. They know the process. I would not recommend under the table. But for the cost and time of an a & p. Its just a thought
  4. I know this has been hit before. Converting Ame to a&p. I chatted briefly with a school in houston. 2 weeks school. Write the exams. Meet with examiner. Leave with License. There are schools in Califorina and others. Anyone had involvement with any. With thanks
  5. I remember at Northern Airsupport in Kelowna in the day. Had a closet with a phone for a Alberta company. Phone number was forwarded back to Alberta. Helped their machines get BC flying
  6. Are ex highland crews being hired. I guess they need aircraft. Mmmm boundry bay
  7. Wiegele world will come back strong as ever. Did a stint there back Northern Mountajn days. Very classy person. And a great show put on.
  8. Workers compensation act AP1-1-1 THROUG-6. If you are a contractor and dont have employees or work for multiple companies at one time. Then you are considered personal services. And is not eligible for wcb. As a result. Your personal company is covered by the hiring company. If you are soleperson doing summer work. It is the employer. Ive have gotten private insurance zthrough van city. But it is bucks.
  9. I have been contract for a number of years. I would almost everytime have an email or letter to make sure the company and you are covered. Never know
  10. True in most provinces. Except quebec and the territories. Nwt has resonable rates. Pay what you think you will make in a time period. BC does it the easy way. And you cant even get it if it is only you.
  11. Chinook Helicopters in Abbotsford has fixed wing to go along with there rotory training. maybe a call there is good. just a thought
  12. I have been an M1 engineer for 35 years. I want to put M2 on my licence. To me I can not see how Cars does this. I see how to get an M2 from the beginning. Not sure if I must compete tasks and how much time I need to do this. lots of tasks are covered on M1 seems as many people I ask including one transport. I get that many answers. any insights are very welcome. helisbytaz@gmail.com
  13. or join in on the Drone thing.. I know of one helicopter company that has. one call and you get a drone or helicopter.
  14. Laurie Watkins.. Westpoint heli lwatkins@westpointheli.com 604 271 4354.
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