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  1. Chinook Helicopters in Abbotsford has fixed wing to go along with there rotory training. maybe a call there is good. just a thought
  2. I have been an M1 engineer for 35 years. I want to put M2 on my licence. To me I can not see how Cars does this. I see how to get an M2 from the beginning. Not sure if I must compete tasks and how much time I need to do this. lots of tasks are covered on M1 seems as many people I ask including one transport. I get that many answers. any insights are very welcome. [email protected]
  3. or join in on the Drone thing.. I know of one helicopter company that has. one call and you get a drone or helicopter.
  4. Known a few pilots gone through the LR traffic system.. All have done well and moved on to bigger operations.
  5. I can say good things.. it is a join of a number of operations under one umbrella.. I worked there prior to this all happening. and I can tell you that a number of people I had worked with there. still consider my friends and enjoying and doing well. always made new people feel right at home is what I saw. all what you make of it
  6. but when you contact them. they are not looking
  7. Looking for a particular designated airworthiness representative that did human factor training and imports. based out of Edmonton years ago. i cant remember his last name Ron ----------- and if someone had a number or email for him that would be great. thanks in advance
  8. Contract engineer available for December 206, 350 Vancouver based.
  9. shhhhhh. have a pilot staking me and my time frame......dont want to hurt his feelings again. so sensitive
  10. christmas 2013. basicly only me on it. the other engineers are floating to other machines. i should of paid more attention to you. slow but going smooth.though.
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