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  1. Every year. Same comments come up. Seems to hire top notch personel. Non stay very long.
  2. Even the most experienced know better. Think it will not happen to you. Think again
  3. I think we all have aftermarket or homemade tools. Measuring tools should be factory. Dont know how you can go to the manufacture and say it failed on a non factory tool. Holding tools and such are different.
  4. Mandates or laws. All the same. Dont get the jab. Out of work you go. I just was mandated to do human factors. Dont do it. Im out of a job. Travel jabs. X rays. Dont do them for work.. out of work. Just do it.
  5. In vancouver. Aeromni in langley. I know they are avionics. Good people. Worth the call to wei or rickert
  6. Couple companies in the yukon are anti vax. Doing nothing. Staff as well. Good luck
  7. Guess im a lier too. Said i would never marry. Did it more than once
  8. What is your suggestion then for the suggestion box. Drop it all and infect all of us. Or at least try for mankind to do this. No masks,no vaccine. That would be your solutio
  9. Same paper napkun used by doctors,dentists for years. Exactly the same. Next time ill tell them to remove them. Yes you have a choice. But i want to know where i go us following the rules. Maybe they should allow non vax pubs.
  10. Not nessessarly true. There are pilots and management dont believe in any vaccine
  11. If your emmune system is low and or are older. It can be not good. If your emmune system is high. Yes you can get through it. But you dont know until you get it. Like playing russian roulette. Is it worth it. Get the jab. Customers are asking if pilots and crew are vaxed. They will go down the road.
  12. Been using this for years. When a company has per diams. Have to use company If i am workingbin town. I claim 1 meal. Lunch as at home. There is also a flat rate mileage. No recepts. Covers oil changes. Remember these are claimed year end and are tax deductable numbers.
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