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  1. I think we all have aftermarket or homemade tools. Measuring tools should be factory. Dont know how you can go to the manufacture and say it failed on a non factory tool. Holding tools and such are different.
  2. Mandates or laws. All the same. Dont get the jab. Out of work you go. I just was mandated to do human factors. Dont do it. Im out of a job. Travel jabs. X rays. Dont do them for work.. out of work. Just do it.
  3. In vancouver. Aeromni in langley. I know they are avionics. Good people. Worth the call to wei or rickert
  4. Couple companies in the yukon are anti vax. Doing nothing. Staff as well. Good luck
  5. Guess im a lier too. Said i would never marry. Did it more than once
  6. What is your suggestion then for the suggestion box. Drop it all and infect all of us. Or at least try for mankind to do this. No masks,no vaccine. That would be your solutio
  7. Same paper napkun used by doctors,dentists for years. Exactly the same. Next time ill tell them to remove them. Yes you have a choice. But i want to know where i go us following the rules. Maybe they should allow non vax pubs.
  8. Not nessessarly true. There are pilots and management dont believe in any vaccine
  9. If your emmune system is low and or are older. It can be not good. If your emmune system is high. Yes you can get through it. But you dont know until you get it. Like playing russian roulette. Is it worth it. Get the jab. Customers are asking if pilots and crew are vaxed. They will go down the road.
  10. Been using this for years. When a company has per diams. Have to use company If i am workingbin town. I claim 1 meal. Lunch as at home. There is also a flat rate mileage. No recepts. Covers oil changes. Remember these are claimed year end and are tax deductable numbers.
  11. Most companies i talk to as a contractor are making vacine jab manitory. Their customers are demanding it. Some have barriers in place. And some dont seem to care. Where do you stand
  12. Kind of late into the season to ask. But old seems in the park.
  13. One of my first tours with NMH. Team player through and through. Mark
  14. Thanks Jason. Heater was one of the first tour pilots i was with at NMH. I always tell tge stories of him. Was one of the best. Mark
  15. May as well call crime stoppers and give your name and number. On the other hand. Lets all behave.
  16. Only in vancouver. I live on sunshine coast. 70 and older still. We are on the maderna vaccine here
  17. Bc is now doing 55 to 65. Next week or 2 will be a call out for younger
  18. They first said all will have first shots by september. Now its late june. Id say the who world is essential. People at canadian tire are essential too and are open. So they are same as pilots.
  19. The last i heard and that was said a couple years ago.. many operators were upgrading to c30. Didnt know they locked in a date of no return.
  20. I didnt really mean over a &p. Just that they have no issues and help ames if they want to go. In Tuscon.
  21. No. But companies that can not get an AME can start the process to get a visa. They just have to show they advertised for and employee. IE. There is a third party maintenance facility in arizonia. Hire canadians all the time. They know the process. I would not recommend under the table. But for the cost and time of an a & p. Its just a thought
  22. I know this has been hit before. Converting Ame to a&p. I chatted briefly with a school in houston. 2 weeks school. Write the exams. Meet with examiner. Leave with License. There are schools in Califorina and others. Anyone had involvement with any. With thanks
  23. I remember at Northern Airsupport in Kelowna in the day. Had a closet with a phone for a Alberta company. Phone number was forwarded back to Alberta. Helped their machines get BC flying
  24. Are ex highland crews being hired. I guess they need aircraft. Mmmm boundry bay
  25. Wiegele world will come back strong as ever. Did a stint there back Northern Mountajn days. Very classy person. And a great show put on.
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