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  1. we made one once out of two hardware store turnbuckles and heated and bent the eyes down so they would fit over a nut and not slip off. just tighten them each evenly and it holds the shaft nicely. but the kamatics ones also work just as well.
  2. i agree with splitpin, not worth the wait and see? solution!!, you had better have someone who knows more about the aircraft than yourself fix your snags.
  3. well there must be better wastes of taxpayer money than this, or they wouldn't keep so many of us employed in the summers...... as long as it doesn't cause a safety issue it won't be clamped down on.
  4. funny that the bc government is fast to fire some contract firefighters for drug use, but i think that if they implemented a drug testing program of their own, they would be looking for a lot of new crewmembers. i did this job for a few seasons and know quite well how most of these crews run.
  5. weld a good strong little tang onto the bung wrench, then use the standpipe for a little extra leverage. or let me make you as many as you need for a small fee!!
  6. a good crane system, is a must!! don't go cheap here...and if you have multiple bays, have a removable center door post that can be slid over so you can get those 3 bladed machines through the door with their blades on. compressor in a small heated room outside attached to the hanger is nice too, as they are pretty noisy. good luck.
  7. a nicely ground down 1 1/16" box end wrench with a large penny washer welded over one end and a cap to fit the fuel nozzel on the rr 250 c-20. keeps the wrench in place on the slim nut, when the last guy didn't use the anti sieze or over tightened the nozzel into the burner can. :punk: HG.
  8. let me know how that stone lifting apparatus works out....we could use one in grande cache!! and when you get back in six months, would you want to come on over and give me a hand??? pretty busy down here too...
  9. she looks nice in her new suit....don't scratch it up
  10. as stated in the previous posts, i would be questioning what you are about to enter into very carefully, i went through the ame "m" training at a tech school in alberta, good time, and ok school, but found very out very quick that it was not at all worth the money, as it is the lowest paying job i have ever had. i was lucky enough to have another trade to fall back on and well when i can work a nine to five and make more than the dom at my helicopter company did, it is not a hard choice. also when i go out in the field i do it for no less than $1000/day and when i have to work the over time that is even better. get a welding certification you will be glad you did.
  11. i was started at 2300/month and 35/day away from base pay. but no flight pay for apprentices at the outfit i was with. the work was all in a camp and about one week a month at the base.
  12. i am an apprentice with 6 months experience on 206,206L and a bit of time on B205, any advice as to some places to continue my carreer?? i worked a camp schedule and enjoyed the work, but just needed a change, and now am starting out again on my quest for employment. any advice would be really appreciated. also a graduate of sait in 2005 for what it's worth.
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