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  1. Hi All, I have not been forced to speak Quebecois yet so I guess we have not been purchased......and I think I would know. Fly Safe..
  2. My two cents: As commercial pilots I believe a majority of our community see the issues with this stunt. Lets admit it, we have all done stupid things but we have since grown up and now see how these stunts can become tragic very fast. Perhaps that is the difference between professionals and "weekend warriors". Below is a paragrpah that lives in our training documents. Some of you may have seen this before. "When people successfully perform a risky act, they often change their view about the personal risk involved. They may discount the risk and come to believe that the activity is not
  3. Nicely said Corey. It must be 13+ years since I last saw or even talked to Blake. He was the Ft. St John base engineer when I was at the Mackenzie base for NMH. I recall Blake being an outstanding engineer and a great individual. Our industry will miss him greatly. Condolences to his family and friends. Andrew Bradley
  4. It is a sad time. Words cannot describe my sorrow. All of us at Blackcomb Aviation send our condolences to his Family. Andrew Bradley
  5. You know what hybrid...you are right! I have managed NOT to get sucked in too many of these banters for years....and here I am. Too much energy lost. P5...the last words were yours! Thanks to those who gave me some useful information. I shall bow out before we spiral further into the descending vortex. I think it is time for a new post no? How about them Canucks.
  6. I think you are sh!^^%# out of luck for a heli-ski gig for those who read this forum. I don't doubt that your skills would meet any criteria set out by any company. However, "qualified" also means in the form of attitude. Somehow I think you would get weeded out pretty fast based on all your arrogant comments. Sorry dude...just sayin'.
  7. The only thing that is baffling is you. Thanks for the insight. Not sure until now what I was doing wrong. Whew...thanks man!! There is really no need to comment on the rest because it is clear that you just don't get it or are too arrogant to listen to some experienced individuals. How about this? For those on this forum who believe that Heli-skiing is a different animal than day to day Mountain, Winter flying post here. If you agree it is different say "different" If you agree it is no different say "no different" So...this hopefully will solve two issues. 1. I am complete
  8. Wow, you are a piece of work pilot5. I don't ever remember saying that all pilots cannot fly Heli-skiing. I quote from our training on Heli-skiing: "Heli-skiing itself is simply mountain flying in winter conditions with other concerns". I do know that some guys don't like it. I would rather pick a guy who has heli-skied and knows he likes the work rather than a new guy who realizes mid way through the training that it is not for him. And trust me, it has happened. So, "godly skills" no. Sure makes my life easier if someone has done it before, likes it and is looking for work. However, it is
  9. Thanks Guys, Some good info. For those who have heliski time know why I ask the question. There are factors at play that make a descent Heli-ski machine. The fact that you don't seem them very often heliskiing must have some reason behind it but I did not know why.....hence the question.
  10. Hi All, Looking for some feedback from anyone who has heliskied in a 130? I have ran the numbers and it appears to be better than the 407 once you hit some altitude and when the temp climbs. I have never flown a fenestron ship and the fact that you sit on the left side may take some getting use to as a ski pilot (site picture). An feedback would be appreciated.
  11. Perhaps you should find out what it will cost you to land at an FBO in YVR during the games? You may be surprised at that number too. Are they gauging also? How did they come up with that number? They are an existing FBO with all the manpower and support already. And for what it is worth...if the ISU or Nav Canada see an aircraft land anywhere other than Squamish, Pemberton or Whistler you may find an F-18 right beside you in a hurry. But...the pie is good in Chilliwack.
  12. For those who have ideas of coming to Whistler or Squamish please refer to the Nav Canada sites and the new VTA for the Olympics. 206350 is right on all his comments but from YVR to Whistler the frequencies are not the same and you will be tracked by MLAT the whole way. These frequencies must be monitored in order to chat with Vancouver center. I would think that anyone who has work in the corridor during games time is well versed on this stuff already. If you plan on coming through the corridor and this is all new to you then I suggest you get crackin' because you have some planning t
  13. Absolutely, and we are. We have some great guys who we have trained who will be skiing for us this year and years to come but versatility is the key for me. If I can find guys who have ski experience who are willing to relocate why not advertise for it. People change their minds. As for the resumes, they are trickling in but I doubt I have seen them all yet.
  14. I can assure you, we are not just collecting Resumes. I have much better things to do than field a bunch of Resumes on my spare time. I realize the expectations may be high but Heli-skiing and long-lining is our business. We don't expect to get people with all the endorsements but the more the better. Hope you all managed to get a good summer in. Dimit, I owe you that beer.
  15. I suppose I can answer the turnover question. There is very little! We advertised for contractors a fair bit in the summer and hired a couple. We have filled the last last request for a full timer and are on the hunt once again. No one has left. We simply need another full time pilot in the corridor. We are specifically looking for a guy (or gal) that has Heli-ski experience with good long line skills and plenty of mountain time. We offer great benefits and competitive wages. The job will be a Base/Pool job as demand dictates. I will let someoneelse answer the other quest
  16. Great thread on Heli-skiing. We are adamant that before we send anyone into Heli-skiing they have plenty mountain time, snow time and a good attitude with good judgment skills. Here is something I put together out of necessity 4 years ago. The flying part was covered nicely but this certainly is an important factor in Heli-skiing. Today, we recognize that the pilot is entirely involved in 80% of all aviation occurrences. In another 10-20% of all occurrences, the pilot did or did not do something to make the outcome even worse. Every aviation accident has a chain events
  17. 88-89 Drank way too much with class mates and Instructors. Always had to make that right hand turn at the bottom of T-Bone hill to Cortinas. Good times
  18. I had a chance to fly LIE when it came through Whistler. Nice aircraft. Even made the Vertical Magazine Poster. I was impressed for the little we were actually out flying. Nice price tag too! I hope if the Oil and Gas industry wants this new technology they are willing to pay. With a price tag of 4.6 Million this will carry a pretty Tarrif. Or at least we hope.
  19. I worked for Luc years ago when he had Huison Aviation and regret it ever since. He is a piece of work!
  20. Hi Guys, The record for the highest helicopter is now held by Fred North. 12954m. He works for us as a camera pilot. Check it out. You may have to cut and paste. www.fred-north.com/pages-frame/Biography-fr.html
  21. I was on a sesimic job out of the patch one day and someone had clearly spilt a can of coke or something to the like on the cyclic plates. :down: It was a hot day so the sugar had a good time to get real sticky. The bootom plate that was covered with coke and the top plate (with coke as well) decided to meet......NOT GOOD! The cyclic did no want to move at all. It took some force to break them apart. Scared me. Did I mention I was going into a confined as well. If you spill something inside. CLEAN IT UP!
  22. I for one think the removal of PPC's is good thing for those companies who take training and safety seriously. The onus is on the CP and OPS Manager to make sure the level of safety stays high and that all training is done to a high standard. PCC's should not be a simple run around the patch and call him/her proficient(although there are some who will do that). There is a schedule that must be followed when doing PCC that cover everything that TC would have done anyway so why not let the company regualte their own proficiency. We are doing this now and it seems to be working just fine. For
  23. The AB 139 should be recieving the TC approval before too long as well.
  24. 412 could not have put it better. We get too caught up in the moment at times and forget the little things that can cost or hurt.........Fly safe and make $$$$$
  25. Crew is allright. Appartently 3 on board going to pick up two more when the tail hit a tree and rolled into the creek.
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