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  1. I'm editing this second post because I don't know how to delete posts on the mobile site. Here's a golden tip about BMQ, do whatever is necessary to not to get yourself injured. Seriously, wear those two #### pairs of socks properly or else they will become blistering pancakes before your third rucksack march, it's #### simple.
  2. Started bmq in St Jean in March, and three months later I'm now in Borden. I'm semi skilled thanks to BCIT and now I'm on Pat platoon waiting for my common core to get started up. Should end in November if everything goes right and to my next unit I go. I really wished I did military alot sooner, because there's no way I could be getting the same benefits and the same job security as I have now if I was doing 5 years in the civy industry.
  3. I enlisted as an aircraft systems technician for RCAF last november, had my aptitude test on febuary, and now they are asking me to go in for my medical exam and then followed by an interview. I told my boss about it, and he believes I'm being short listed. How long does it usually take to get notified if you got the job or not, because I've always been interested in a career in the military and I would really like to get started right away.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement PoV, I actually made a trip and visited all the amos in Kelowna last January. I didn't see anyone from my graduating class, but I did see one or two apprentices from the avionics program who have been working there since last season. I'm checking in with the places I applied twice a month, still the same answer every time so I'm trying to reformat my resume and cover letter to see if it changes anything. I'm actually getting better advice from the forum than the garbage I was fed with from my school.
  5. Great information guys, I'm still half-and-half between military and commercial. All I want to do is relocate and work rotary, so whatever gets me that will make me happier in the long run. I'm also looking for job security, I'm not the slacker type and I will work like a dog for a company for a good 2 years maybe even a lot longer if I like it there. So my next question is am I gonna have to chase after work even when I'm in the military? This question was the tip of the iceberg for a while now, since I'm fully aware of how the commercial industry works as told from a nice friend from a h
  6. Are you guys hold up in Ft Mac? I've been looking to transfer over to any AMO in Alberta from BC since October.
  7. That's my goal, but a couple of AMOs I talked to need me to get my full drivers license (bc is bull, I'm just on my N) I hear its slow from a lot of people, but I just keep on denying it when I find out people from my class found jobs already. One of the reasons why I want to move up north and even to another city like Ft. Mac is just so I can find the job I'm looking for. This is good information, I'm sure it will work out for me because the whole reason I even got into this career is because I'm mechanically inclined and I hate the consumer work.
  8. I graduated from BCIT last summer, and I still can't find a job with helicopters. I'm starting to think that companies only want guys with some helicopter experience already, I don't even have a month started yet. My family and friends are telling me I should apply as an Aerospace Engineering Officer. I looked at the webpage and I chatted with someone whos currently in the military in person. He mentioned that if you start from the bottom you will have better respect along the way than if you were to just go in for the job already with an AME license. Seems like some words from the wise, but i
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