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  1. Diaper Pin is right! I’ve been asked to move a few times over the years and all of the companies are no longer in business. Even if you do get certain things in writing, good luck collecting if things go south which they most often do.....eventually!! I personally don’t know of a single person in my 23 years of flying that is still with the same company that they moved for. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen in our crazy industry!
  2. Our company first used a single suction mount but like Comcat said they fall off. We switched to a double suction mount and it’s fine now.
  3. I mixed it and sprayed it for about 6 years and I remember being told it was just as safe as table salt. You inevitably end up eating it at some point and getting it on your skin no matter how careful you are. It can be very messy when your pumping station breaks.
  4. I went through Chinook in Abbotsford B.C. for my IFR and would not recommend them. There was ZERO ground school training. They teach you the bare minimum to pass your check ride and that is all. I was shocked! I wonder if other schools are similar.
  5. BoomTown.....I think you already know the answer to your question. But, talk to these people if you really feel the need. http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/labour/ipg/053.shtml Early Resolution Officer North West Pacific Region HRSDC - Labour Program Vancouver, BC (P) 604-658-3478 or 1-800-641-4049
  6. Amp.....That does sound boring and I wouldn't put myself through that either. I really do hope you're happy with whatever you're doing at the moment! I'm simply suggesting that with an IF and Night ticket, more opportunities will be available to you. Just because a job requires IF and Night, doesn't always mean that you're sitting in the cockpit seeing and doing nothing flying from A-B. They aren't all like that. I can honestly say that since I journeyed down this road the BS is way way less. The folks that I work with are good people who enjoy what they do and are appreciative. I love being h
  7. Forget the VFR Bu#@Sh&*......Go IFR...Life is way better!!!!
  8. I wear high end hiking boots with gators instead of big, bulky winter boots.
  9. Well.. it’s simple, drop what you are doing, band together like the linemen and women do and don’t go back to work until all pilots across the nation get the same pay, same benefits and same quality of life. It seriously won’t change until a union is created and all of us are united. Every Pilot will have to sacrifice many things through the process and unfortunately this is where it all breaks down. These unionized organizations are a true brotherhood in all sense of the word!! We are not and it’s unfortunate....because we can be!!! The owners know it and laugh and laugh and laugh all the wa
  10. I also got my start in the spray industry after four years of busting my balls on the ground along with a hand full of others. I witnessed many 100 hr pilots come and go during that time because they weren't willing to work hard and earn their seat. I was told by senior pilots that I'd never get a chance to get flying there because no one ever left. Well of course they did and it was just a matter of time. Now,the group of pilots that I worked with on the ground and who stuck it out including myself are flying on all sorts of different jobs all over the world,on all different types and loving
  11. If your looking for a high paying and steady pay check with a descent schedule, I would think about doing what you have to do and get into the HEMS world. It was the best decision I ever made. I wasn't happy with my situation so I changed it..........simple as that..... Just saying.
  12. I agree with Reddog... focus your energy on getting a full- time year round job. Believe it or not....they really do exist!! Good pay/salary plus flight pay, schedule,and benefits!! I've never been laid off in 18 years. Knock on wood!!!
  13. I agree with Reddog... focus your energy on getting a full- time year round job. Believe it or not....they really do exist!! Good pay/salary plus flight pay, schedule,and benefits!! I've never been laid off in 18 years. Knock on wood!!!
  14. Hello Matt, Thats a perfect spot to land……in the middle !!! I'm staged near the ferry terminal at one end and the fuel is on the other.There are many other helicopters that come and go for fuel so just leave a little room for them. You should be fine there!! Yeah I'm flying out of Shearwater for the summer on a rotation with another fella. It sounds like your "Client" is a rock star!!! Very cool…can't wait. I had the pleasure of flying Kevin Costner a couple weeks ago,awesome guy!! When will you be here? I'll give you a shout when you know!! Cheers, LW?
  15. Hello Bluethunder, I'm flying the S76 based out of Shearwater right now. We are staged at the south end of the heliport close to the ferry terminal. Flingwinger is correct. Pack light as the fishing is fantastic right now.Your clients should be very happy!!! I'm not sure if you've been here before but feel free to pm me if you have any questions about the area. Make sure to stop by to say hello and have a beer!! Cheers, LW?
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