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  1. If you're interested in gainful full time employment as a gas turbine engine technician in the expanding aerospace industry on Prince Edward Island contact me. I'll gladly share the information on how to make this happen!
  2. Nothing new to the world. Just a bunch of greedy, self-serving punks fresh out of MBA school doing what they do best. This time it involved the helicopter arena.
  3. ECL, How will this effect your shop?
  4. The majority of the flying was for executive transportation. We know of one occasion where the aircraft was used for slinging seismic equipment around Donegal in 1968-1969. On occasion in the late 1960s, the helicopter would land behind Irish Base Metal's office (Clontarf) in a paddock, for pick-up of passengers. Is this the cool building that you have mentioned? Probably. These occasional pick-ups were halted sometime in the 1970s as there had been security trouble concerning the IRA. Let me stress-no IRA trouble with this helicopter, just the government putting security messages in place. It is interesting how the history of this aircraft keeps unfolding....
  5. I once thought I knew a guy, who said he had a friend who was a pilot that had a close call many years ago!
  6. The beginning of behavioral interview: THE STAR METHOD The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing. Situation: Describe the situation that you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish. You must describe a specific event or situation, not a generalized description of what you have done in the past. Be sure to give enough detail for the interviewer to understand. This situation can be from a previous job, from a volunteer experience, or any relevant event. Task: What goal were you working toward? Action: Describe the actions you took to address the situation with an appropriate amount of detail and keep the focus on YOU. What specific steps did you take and what was your particular contribution? Be careful that you don’t describe what the team or group did when talking about a project, but what you actually did. Use the word “I,” not “we” when describing actions. Result: Describe the outcome of your actions and don’t be shy about taking credit for your behavior. What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn? Make sure your answer contains multiple positive results.
  7. One of my first mentors during my early days in the helicopter industry. A great man and a solid contributor to the cause. Good bye, Don. Condolences to his family and friends.
  8. Hey Wiggy............I can get my leg into it! OK, OK my foot!
  9. Flashback......circa. late 1970s
  10. Thanks for the poke Wiggie............you just woke me up!
  11. http://books.google.com/books?id=Q27ho2szW...ing&f=false
  12. Gary, That question brings back memories of the old days working a Bell 47 in the cold environment. The Engineer drained the engine oil, removed the battery at night and stored them under his bed. That would happen after he cooked dinner and did the dishes for the pilot of course!
  13. All the really expensive parts of a helicopter are made from unobtainium. These parts just burns a hole in your pocket!
  14. ... Frank A. H. Harley ... Jack Pearson Had many a good laugh with these gentlemen. Always be missed.
  15. Wow, this time I didn't even have to voice my opinion. SP with all that a$$ kissing you oviously looking for a transfer to the west side of the building!
  16. After being involved in this industry for over 30 years, I'm guessing it's a TRAIN! :shock:
  17. Back in the Seventies, Viking Helicopters had to set up a satellite base in Gatineau, Quebec to procure contracts on the James Bay project. They called this operation “Helair”. BlackMac will remember this. After a couple of months on the job, SEBJ (the administrative body), came around and requested to see the auto Driver’s License for all the air crew. If the license had not been issued by the province of Quebec, they were to be sent home. Pilots did not win the argument that ensued but the maintenance crew managed to stay based on the grounds that the Maintenance Manuals were all written in English. Just remember one thing about Quebec, they have their own immigration policy and do not rely on the Federal policy. That is why most immigrants that come to Canada, come through the gates at Montreal.
  18. This is what was going on in the back seat during the flight!Chuck_movie_short.wmv
  19. Hey Wiggins, Why would anybody need a Bell IPB? You never need any unscheduled replacement parts for Bell products. Right?
  20. Cobalt, You're going to like these two photographs. Edward Kennedy, Pat and Loretta Hughes. Pat Hughes was a big wig in Irish Base Metals and Ted Kennedy was some sort of big wig in the USA. Both photos were taken with EI-APP.
  21. Here's another one I just dug up. Don you are right, it is Frank Harley. Check out the rates.
  22. These are a couple of shots of EI-AYP on the grounds of Powerscourt in Enniskerry circa 1974.
  23. The Bell Hotel? Yes, we loved those condos in Bedford. Great weather, automobile of choice, maid service and recreational centre with hot tub and pool.
  24. The Model T Ford had four wheels. Do all the other manufacturers to date owe Henry some royalties?
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