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  1. Rent it by the hour, or the minute depending on what "F".
  2. I just remembered why I don't read this forum often. H56 I guess you don't use a calculator, just incase it's wrong, or an electronic weight and balance XL program. It's a great Idea, at least it will back up your calculations. Enjoy using your Abacus. Jeff Ryan
  3. http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj72/MW...O/deadhorse.gif
  4. Hey L3 Driver, try Weaver and Devor for the action chimos I've got a pair and they work great. http://www.weaverdevore.ca/product_info.ph...products_id/129 Cheers. Jeff
  5. JAD was s/n 18, it was retired a couple of years ago. Jeff
  6. Hey Freddie, we have that machine at great slave's school in springbank. Jeff
  7. The way I look at it is, the pedal is stuck at higher or lower them hover power, and that changes from flight to flight. stuck at 95% and you where hovering at 90% = stuck left stuck at 95% and you where hovering at 100% = stuck right Jeff
  8. The Enstrom M/R rotates the same as a Bell. It looks like as the pilot slowed down he lost his keel effect, and maybe he lowered the collective as he slowed down, if he would have raised the collective the nose of the aircraft should have rotated right, it's possible that the wind was on his left hand side. He did a nice job of bringing it in low enough that even if he chopped the throttle instead of over pitching it he still pulled it off. Cheers. Jeff
  9. Just for the record, it was not a flight school, piston or turbine. Jeff Ryan
  10. Hey Cole, It's still the same two instructors as before. Cheers, JR
  11. Tool bag is a good Idea, I put a small survival stove and bottle with the diesel and jet fuel nozzles in it, the aircraft usually has one but I trust my own. And bring gear for four seasons, you will need them usually in one month. Bring a pair of insulated rubber boots for the sloppy weather. And a neck warmer, just in case you have to long line and the bubble window is a couple of thousand miles away. Cheers, Jeff
  12. One of our pilots has the 396 and the XM radio works for him, in Calgary.
  13. Hey Phil, Your "competitors" books don't make it through the front door at this school. Cheers, JR
  14. No complaint, I guess I just jumped to a conclusion with out getting all the information, what would be the correct term for that, "misinformed" I apologies for wasting your time and other peoples time writing about something I’m obviously clueless about Cheers Jeff Ryan
  15. I guess you just put this add up for someone else last month T-REx Looking for contract AS350B2/3 Pilots for a two year contract. Candiates must have: 1000 hrs PIC Helicopters Minimum. Cdn Commercial License with ability to work in Canada Astar Endorsement with 300 hrs on type Longline Experience Mtn Time Low time pilots need not apply! Contact Bighorn Helicopters, Cranbrook BC 250 489-2517 Troy Bridgman - Operations Manager Aaron Harris - Chief Pilot Cheers JR
  16. It truly amazes me how this business of flight training became so mistrusted, It seems that flight training has become a shady business, because of a few people the equivalent of “Ambulance chasers” in this part of the industry. GSHL fly’s in excess of 40,000 hours per year, the flight school brings in maybe 500 hours at a reduced rate, that so appends to be around $ 350.00 less per hour Then our regular rate, and some people out there still think that we are trying to rip them Off. What we need are pilots, not money,(call Bull if you want, but how many machines sat on the gr
  17. Number three left yesterday, and then there was one.
  18. I have the hush kit and the ANR together, works great, the ANR would flutter with the doors off in a HU500 with your head out the door with the gell ear cups, I put my hush kit ear cups back on and the flutter went away, I've used it in a mediums and in pistons they work excellent, if you buy the hush kit make shure you buy the corect size, if it's to thick your ANR will not work properly, I also hooked up a 9.6 v RC battery to my ANR, It's a bit big but It last a long time, the ANR works really good in a piston machine also. Cheers JR
  19. on top of the normal tools, I like to bring, - my personal MRS survival stove & small bottle (when was the last time the one in the A/C was tested, and did the pilot before you even bring it.) - spare socks in a sealed bag, plus two spare bags for your boots if they get wet. - signal mirror and a compass. - space survival blanket - pip pins - flint and steel.
  20. Looking for a good sim for a flight school, Budget is in the area of $150,000 American. Any Help is much appreciated. JR
  21. Hello Kyle, The AME route is the way to go, once he is done that he will be old enough, or at least look old enough to get a job as a pilot. Cheers. H.
  22. Ok Rob, well done you got a school! Congratulations!!!!
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