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  1. Hello Bell214, I'm a fan of this chopper and

    was keen to talk to you about it. My email

    is sdbeck@caverock.net.nz

  2. Was this the original RMH painting for their 214's?
  3. I finally found one of RMH's 214. Do you guys know the Callsign of this machine? I have a picture of East West's FXNI with similar colours, but I am not sure. Thanks for the help.
  4. Both Lama`s, GTHC and GTHT got cancelled from the canadian register. Does anyone know where the two Lamas are now? Thanks
  5. N1 seems to be the expert!!! But I am still thinking that this post is a joke... :-)
  6. I found some pictures in the internet and I have no idea about this 214... the pictures were taken in the states around 1985. Do you guys know something about this machine? Thank you
  7. Thanks for the Okanagan Pictures! I would book a week of heliskiing if there would be a 214... There are some pictures on the Blacktusk Website showing the 214 in Heliski Operation... Is it true that Alpine used their 214 for Heliskiing? It was Number 28007, C-GBHH. Would be nice to have some more information about that one...
  8. BHC became N4434D, JAA9446 and GTWZ. Transwest sod it after the fire season 2008 to PJ Helicopters in California.
  9. I went through my database and here is the result...:-) 28001 1975 N214RM wo 19.06.1985 Squaw Valley, Canada 28013 1976 N225RM 28019 1977 N614RM, C-GJNU, N16891, N614RM cx 5.02.1991 (Destroyed) 28020 1977 N226RM crash 1980 28021 1977 LN-ORA[3],N2948G,N114RM,HL9133 28033 1978 N224RM, N224PH 28041 1979 9V-BKJ,JA9242,N39784,N314RM 28051 1980 N18096,JA9269,N414RM,LN-OPU,F-GFUT,N103RA,N214HC,HL9136 28058 1981 N2046K,JA9278,N514RM,HL9116 28067 1981 N18090,JA9322,ZK-HVY,C-GARC,N814RM cx 30.01.1995 (Destroyed
  10. Hey, I am looking for some information about Rocky Mountain Helicopters. They had a couple 214`s in the 80`s and beginning of the 90`s. What kind of work were they doing? Mining, Logging? Thanks
  11. I found a picture of GVXA in my 214B collection. Serial Number is 28029, went to Blacktusk Helicopters as C-FWQU. WQU crashed in 2007...
  12. That's the new Thunderbird Lama...
  13. There are are two new registred lamas in canada, GAWW of Dam Helicopters and GTHT of Thunderbird Helicopters. Would like to take some pictures, but I don't know where the Thunderbirds and Dam's lamas are. What kind of work are they doing? If someone knows where the lamas are right now, please pm me. Thanks
  14. My top three: Nr.1 Bell 214B (What a surprise...) Nr.2 SA 315b Lama Nr.3 KA 226 I don't like that modern #### like EC 135, EC 120 Bell 430 etc. Cheers
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