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  1. One would have to question the quality of the meat if the moose are being chased to exhaustion before being shot. Personally, I don't think that you should shoot an animal unless you intend on eating it...but that's just my take.
  2. Hmmm...lots of good info. Thanks for the input from those in the know! I 100% agree with the concept that you should have a pilot with appropriate experience...but if the police service in question sees the need to have their pilot as a sworn officer, would it make sense to take a pilot with the appropriate experience and subsequently provide the police-specific training? To my mind that makes more sense than taking a police officer with no flying experience and then giving him a "crash course" (morbid pun not intended, but noticed) in flying? Given the CPS pilot requirements, it wou
  3. That's exactly why I'm asking these questions. I've met lots of folks in my current job that didn't protect themselves for one reason or another and now regret it. A helmet protects your ears, your eyes, and your skull...I for one put a pretty high value on those three items, so I don't mind spending a bit of money to get the right equipment to protect myself. So far, I'm pretty much sold on the hush kit. I'm also thinking long and hard about the CEP, but the idea of an ANR headset seems appealing for longer flights from airport A to airport B.
  4. The MD500/530...in all it's fascinating variants. There's just something sexy about that angry egg.
  5. Hmmm...I knew that cop cars didn't carry normal insurance, but I didn't think of it when I posted that. I wonder if the same applies to police air units. Although I'd wager that a police department would still have to carry liability insurance on an air unit..does anybody know for sure? Helicopper?
  6. Yup...many people can tell you what you want to hear over the course of a one hour interview - but their true colours are likely to show through if the interview lasts four months. Thanks, Cole. I look forward to seeing the info you've gathered. :up:
  7. Wouldn't it be cheaper to train pilots to become police officers? Not to trivialize police training, but I doubt that the training costs would add up to the same amount as a rotary CPL, a 500N type rating, and acquiring enough hours to meet the inevitable insurance minimums.
  8. That approach actually makes a lot of sense to me. My current employer has a similar approach, except that the initial program is 5 days of unpaid training, followed by a month or two of paid in-the-field training. Then again, we're not footing the bill for 100 hours of 206 time.
  9. I'm looking for former/current students of the GSH school, hopefully folks that went through the program since they moved it to CYBW. What were your experiences during your time there? Positive? Negative? Indifferent? Do the students at Bighorn throw rocks at you while you're doing circuits? :shock: From what I can gather from their website, their aim seems to be the production of small classes, and then hiring most or all of their graduates (provided that aptitude and attitude are satisfactory) My thought is that they must see a benefit to having new hires that have done all
  10. Carabiners are amazing pieces of equipment...when they are used within their design parameters. They are only designed to take force in one direction, and only when they are closed. They have a far lower strength when the gate in open, they are being twisted, or they are loaded across their short dimension. During my high angle course, there seemed to be fifteen ways to use a carabiner incorrectly, and one way to use it correctly. They are not even designed to have loads at the two "bottom" corners at the same time. We were taught that if we were in a situation that was likely to have thi
  11. Thanks for the good info, guys. What I'm hearing so far is that CEP is great when you're long-lining, and in noisy cockpits like the 500. ANR seems to be favoured for guys that don't have their door(s) off. I've already got a pair of custom molded earplugs for use in industrial settings, and like them a lot. I have an adapter to bypass the speaker on a handheld radio, and deliver the audio direct to the earpiece. Who's had experience with the hush kit vs. ANR on long flights? I've heard that the low frequency sounds that ANR is supposed to be great at filtering out may not cause
  12. I've seen a number of different approaches to making a quieter helmet. Flightsuits/Gentex offers the CEP (little foam plugs with speakers) that plugs into a special port on your helmet. Seems like a relatively low-tech solution, and the helmet can be used with or without the plugs...but also seems like it might be a bit of a pain to have to insert/remove earplugs every time you don/remove the helmet. Flightsuits/ANR-Headset.com sells 9V ANR add-on kits. They are supposed to provide better low-frequency attenuation than any passive system, but I've heard that they don't work if the ea
  13. From my understanding, the issue with protecting yourself from lasers while flying (not a new question in military circles) is that a visor sufficent to filter out all wavelengths likely to be encountered would actually be opaque to visible light. As far as NVG's go, they absolutely do magnify visible light by 5000X or more...but in order for the NVG's to damage your eyes, the tubes in them would have to be capable of generating a light of sufficent intensity to damage the retina - and the modls that I've used (AN/PVS-7 single tube) can't do that. A laser would obviosly cause your pupils
  14. Pelican brand makes great flashlights. I work in areas where "explosion proof" is a must. (otherwise known as intrinsically safe or IS) Their stuff is all waterproof, IS, and very tough. The model I use has an LED bulb and 3 "N" cells, with a pushbutton on the end. The bulb life is measured in decades, and I normally go a year in between changing the batteries. It's not as bright as the xenon bulbs, but it's compact and hasn't failed me yet. You can have the brightest flashlight in the world, but it's no good to you if it's in your toolbox when you need it. Pelican also makes a great
  15. TransAero is a disaster when it comes to service. If you can, stay far, FAR away from them.
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