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  1. As a member of Alberta SRD, the information I have recieved is that there was one Alberta firefighter killed, one Wildfire Ranger in stable condition and the pilot and another firefighter were assessed and released from the hospital. Sorry folks, no names as of yet or company info yet. So sad to hear a firefighter has passed in the line of duty. Hope the others make speedy recoveries SS
  2. Hey 412..... Ask 204B Driver about Grayling Resort....we'll take care of ya in YMM and maybe even manage to belly-up and stomp a few brain cells.... If ya don't know us......you will...heh heh SS
  3. So, has anyone in AB started the forestry season yet?....tower service?...flying tower operators out?...slinging fuel caches?.... SS
  4. Hi folks..... Quick question.... What is the MINIMUM safe distance between A-Stars (BA's, 2's and 3's) to park on grass pads? This would take into consideration the approach (which is straight in) and take off (which can be vertical and/or straight out). I'm also concerned about downwash (machine on the pad with one inbound or outbound). Any ideas of MINIMUM safe distance between machines on the pad and maybe a measurement, lets say from rotor hub (center) on one machine to the same on another? Thanks..... SS
  5. There Ken..... Put this pic behind the bar at the "Wilde 'N Crazy Guy Pub" and tell everybody ya DID drive the 417 :punk: :up: SS
  6. Hi folks.... as I said before and a few people have also mentioned, I'm sure there could be lots of civvie side companies that COULD do it, but cost is probably the determining factor. A few years back I was talking to a Herc driver ('97?) and the operational cost of the C130 was $7000/hr and the C113 Lab was in around $3000/hr. Just for the Jiggly Stick, that was a pilot, the Co and an Engineer plus a couple or 3 jumpers in the back....plus I'm not even sure if the crew was factored in with the cost? A
  7. Congratulations Ken...... Me and Beetlejuice will miss ya at Grayling. Would love to get out and visit the Pub some time to continue stompin some brain cells! Gonna have an aviation theme inside? Stay with the forum Buddy Semper Fi Ken, hoooo yaaaaa Wayne
  8. QUOTE "Why do we need the military doing it" ....because they are the BEST. I don't think a civvy side company(s) could handle it. You talk of 20,000 hrs for the drivers....ok...what about when you get to the scene?...who's going out the door???? The CF SAR TECHS who are willing to jump out of Hercs/Buffs....winch out of Rants/Griffs(when needed) are the most highly trained personnel for that (dangerous) job. Those troops are absolutely fearless. And when I say a civvy side company couldn't do it, I mean they couldn't afford to have a machine, 2 drivers and a couple or 3 jumpers in t
  9. ****, I so miss those days....."LAST CALL!!"...."yeah, Innkeep...bring us one more tray of draught"...... sniff SS
  10. As a base manager for one of the "forestry wildfire bases" in AB, I can say that even on high hazard, our base is manned up with local iron FIRST. Now, we are lucky in that we have 4 companies with approx 10 AStars, a couple or 3 206's, an EC 120 and a EC 130 available, plus we have another company that started OPS last year and should be ready for forestry work this year. Our policy here revolves around a rotating sched of the companys, whether it's for man-up or tower service etc. A typical call might be to Company "A" requesting an AStar to do tower service for 2 days starting tomorrow.
  11. If I was a owner/CP and I decided to invest time and money for your training, I would expect you to invest some comittment to me. If I invest 20,000, a few days stay at a hotel, some meals etc as part of the training, believe me, you won't be doing crappy work for me (unless you think flying some CEO's around a patch on a sight-seeing tour is crappy work). You'll be pushing a cyclic and not a broom. So what is fair on your part? I don't think I would ever do the "bond" thing but why not a contract? 1 year?...2 year?....Let me try and get my investment back from the customers (of which you
  12. I know a young fellow who was interested in the RW industry. Spent the summer as a seasonal firefighter on a HAC crew. During high hazard he was working/flying on the crew just about every day, seeing how the RW's work with forestry, made some great contacts and some coin towards flight training. Just another option that might bring some "experience" to the first CV you drop off at a CP's desk SS
  13. Right you are Vo........ but buttom line, after they pick up the tab...they're both looking for a committment...the CF, probably the longer. I'm sure it will be good for someone... Good Luck...... SS
  14. Ok...let me get this straight...... This company/school/institution will pick up the tab for your training...bump you up to the instuctor ticket...get you to up your hours...pay a modest wage...bring you back to Canada....do some converstions so you can instruct and I'm guessing work for them (probably a contract to be signed for a couple/three years?)...and this is all taken care of by them???? Well, from what I see....isn't this the same as some of our RW peers who have chosen the route of a Canadian Armed Forces pilot with the CF picking up the tab? Pass the mandatory entry exams
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