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  1. From the looks of the undamaged tail rotor blades you are probably correct.....
  2. Don't apologize, I had to lookup what necroing meant, so I learned something 😁
  3. I did this back in the early 80's, shot 70 wolves. Thought we wiped them out, the guy who went the next year said they got got another 70.....
  4. I'm told Mike is not well....alzheimer's
  5. https://www.castanet.net/news/Kamloops/321688/Heli-skiing-season-cancelled
  6. https://www.prairiecoastequipment.com/news/blog/it-starts-heere-how-to-make-a-sandwich-/ Sad to watch this....
  7. One of the conditional requirements is no restrictions on your licence. "Glasses must be worn or must be available" is listed as a restriction on the sticker, so I assume that means if you have that, then the attestation would not apply. Correct?
  8. Ok guys, vernacular aside, my point was that they have been burning DIESEL......
  9. ok ok, Arctic diesel, winter diesel...... Sheesh
  10. As far as I know DEW Line sites only have winter diesel for both the generators and the helicopter fuel. 212's and 61's have been burning that for years up there.
  11. Craig Dobbin formed Canadian Holding Company around 1986-87 and with the money he talked a bunch of Bay Street bankers into loaning him he bought Sealand (from himself) and Okanagan in 1987. That was the start, and then he added Toronto Helicopters, etc, etc.....
  12. I always thought Liftair was borne out of Spartan, Neil Armstrong was a principal at Liftair in the 70's.
  13. Actually it was " Happiness is a Bow Job" There was no "good" in the saying. I wish I could dig up the stickers I had but they were all lost in the war.
  14. Yes, actually Jim went to TC out of Winnipeg after Liftair, but he did work for Custom as well at some point.
  15. Liftair's original hangar was #4, when that burnt down circa 1976 then they moved across the road from Alpine and Bow, hangar #25 Jim Grey was CP, Peter Ettinger Ops mgr
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