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  1. https://tigerperformance.com/parts-accessories/aviation-accessories/tiger-respirator-masks/
  2. Thanks, it looks like he doesn't log in very often.
  3. Does anyone know who Nozzle is? I sent him a PM about a Tru Tach that he has for sale a few months ago and no response. Thanks
  4. PM sent on the TRUTACH

  5. Just completed mine......the ACH exam is no picnic
  6. TAWS would not be feasible or practical in a VFR helicopter. The logic it uses to provide warnings would mean that anyone doing normal VFR helicopter ops would be triggering it continuously. Now TCAS is a different kettle of fish and that would be a very useful tool in a high traffic environment such as a fire with numerous a/c working it.
  7. Ibal is great little W&B app for Iphone and Ipad. The developers are very accommodating about adding/customizing specific a/c types.
  8. Holy crap, how old is Fred? I worked with him in the late 70s' at Liftair and he was an "old man" then Best of luck Fred.....enjoy, you have earned it :up:
  9. OK Swissmatt, I miss understood your question......typical for a homo
  10. You have the option to setup any "limits" you want on LTP. Such as "Duty in 7 days", "Duty in 28 days", "hours in 7 days", etc, etc. then in the "Radar" tab, it will show you how many hours remaining before the limit. You can customize the colors to show yellow at one stage and red at another. LTP is completely customizable to fit your specific regulations. Go to their website and have a look at the tutorials. I am the slackest guy when it came to keeping my paper logbook current, was sometimes many months behind. Now with LTP on my Iphone, I enter the times as I fly them as it is so easy. LTP is not cheap, but you get what you pay for.....money well spent.
  11. Oh it came off because of the crash.......
  12. You do realize that the a/c being re-registered will not be flying in Canadian airspace and will not be operated under a Canadian AOC. I think you are confusing the matter. This has nothing to do with a "tax dodge", at least in CHC's case. They are simply abiding by the law, if they can not legally hold an AOC in Canada then they must operate under an AOC (and register the a/c) in a jurisdiction that allows them to do so.
  13. That is my understanding of the reason for the move to Cayman reg. That's true, but I would think that Sylvan will be chasing other work in Canada.......
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