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  1. Spill the beans Colin, you love a good rumour.
  2. Wonder if CT is sending out colourful resumes or BBQ invites? Is it time to start a poll on Vertical? 🤔 On a side note, I did get a PM from Harmonic_Vibe... it was his phone number... 🤦‍♂️
  3. Im going to throw out a guess to start up this conversation... The contract will be more than likely awarded to a company or companies that are fairly new to the heavy world, one(s) who have very little experience or knowledge in the operating cost associated with such machines. A company that will justify the low price of said contract by using lines such as ; "we do it for cash flow..." or "our machine(s) are all paid for" It definitely won't be to a company that has been operating heavies for any time, because they know the true cost ! it's going to be just like medium
  4. Harmonic Vibe is probably looking for a new job, and hopefully it's in a different industry ....😔
  5. I’m going to raise a glass 🥃 for Hughie
  6. It’s unfortunate when things like this happen whatever the case, however this is the nature of the industry. However, after seeing some of the many operators out there these days, I’m surprised there wasn’t MORE incedents/accidents like this. This industry seems to be separated into 3 categories of operators 1-the operators who have solid crews with steady work, pay well and have a full crew being well versed in there jobs (both pilots and engineers).Machine rates reflect this. Training is ongoing and mostly done at a high standard. 2-the operators who have a bit of year r
  7. too busy to fin.... get a job OLD! (HUGE HOURS!!)
  8. Seems common enough, Read the employment adds on this forum lately.. Start at the top
  9. Yeah, don't sign one then you won't have to worry about proving it in court....
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