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  1. maxtorqe

    Ops manager/chief pilot

    I’d do it for $200k maybe...
  2. maxtorqe


    It’s unfortunate when things like this happen whatever the case, however this is the nature of the industry. However, after seeing some of the many operators out there these days, I’m surprised there wasn’t MORE incedents/accidents like this. This industry seems to be separated into 3 categories of operators 1-the operators who have solid crews with steady work, pay well and have a full crew being well versed in there jobs (both pilots and engineers).Machine rates reflect this. Training is ongoing and mostly done at a high standard. 2-the operators who have a bit of year round work, pay decent when there’s work, keep a couple of good hands around (both the pilot and engineer side of things). Machine rates fluctuate based on the season. The rest of the crew is seasonal and simply fill the positions. Training is average. 3-the low budget operators who have little year round work, pay decent for a seasonal position. Have the bare minimum crew. Always looking for bodies to fill the position. Machines go out the door at rock bottom prices (the classic “cash flow” theory) Training is minimal. When things get slow it’s down the road for you. Take a guess what sort of operator I would categorize these guys ?
  3. maxtorqe


    More training required...
  4. maxtorqe

    Fires BC

    too busy to fin.... get a job OLD! (HUGE HOURS!!)
  5. Seems common enough, Read the employment adds on this forum lately.. Start at the top
  6. Yeah, don't sign one then you won't have to worry about proving it in court....
  7. maxtorqe

    I Better Be Impressed This Summer

    is this a joke?
  8. maxtorqe

    Bell 212E

    The part I find interesting with the "E" is the charts that some companies have displayed on there websites, Where did they come from? Whats Bell's take on them? What do they mean? How well will they stand up in court? Personally I like asking the crew on the 212"E" what makes it a "E"?? Cant seem to get a definitive answer.... Just a guess "E" = Enhanced Bull$h!t ????
  9. maxtorqe

    Garmin 695/696

    I agree with S11111, just sent a 296 with the same problem as you to a garmin dealer, $280 and 2 weeks later a re-furbished unit showed up. works good as new
  10. so are we talking 1/2 statute mile or 1/2 nautical mile? this whole discussion is a bit of a joke, If your in a low-vis situation and you are trying to figure out if its a 1/2 mile or not, it probably time to re-evaluate your decision making and piloting skills!
  11. maxtorqe

    Food For Thought

    So.. how'd we do? sounds a lot like pickle lake last yr in the ____room! Hope this summers is as entertaining as last for you SkidsUp! (I still laugh about the birddogs in the east cause of you! Call when overhead!)
  12. maxtorqe

    Faulty Rule Of Thumb

    In my opinion, your (edited by twinnie.. please refrain from slurs), the rule of thumb is pretty much that, a rule of thumb!
  13. I think sling started drinking a little early today haahah