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  1. If it's been on Cramer you're late to the party.
  2. Looks like the RCMP, call or text Trudeau
  3. Try loading a layer with 200,000+ waypoints. Old garmins have no issue, foreflight yacks, you can't search them, and the waypoint fonts don't scale. Old Gramins accept ALL Lat/Long formats UTMs. Foreflight yacks at any none standard lat/long format and UTMs what now..... Back of VTAs burried. CFS link for airports doesn't show VFR procedures if on preceding pages, have to search the PDF CFS, super pain. Shall i go on........ Its does some things well, but needs to be polished. I doubt Boeing cares about utility operators.
  4. ForeFlight needs to be re skinned for the demands of day VFR low level ops. IMO
  5. Lund has a heli pad right outside the pub on the water.
  6. Bell Medium pilots are taken care of then.
  7. Snitches get ditchs. I guess we wouldn't want anyone anonymously blowing the whistle on some industry bad actors.
  8. I thought the industry norm was just to snag everything 10min before getting on the crew change plane. What's this maintenance you speak of?
  9. The mosquito is worth way more. Apparently 30 are left and only 4 are airworthy. Bobs is airworthy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_surviving_de_Havilland_Mosquitos
  10. Hopefully those two war planes go to a good home, instead of dark hanger locked away.
  11. Highland sold their yvr hangar a long time ago. Not sure if the family still owns MillionAir or the Spitfire and Mosquito.
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