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  1. Flow chart below: Is this the last day of your tour? Yes/No Yes: put in logbook No: continue flight
  2. Dryden's field of dreams always has room for a few more mediums........
  3. Filemaker is probably the cheapest custom solution you could do. Filemaker's owned by Apple and has been around a very long time. Good software isn't free.
  4. The problem with VFR heli is simple. Once you get 1000+hrs longline and mountain experience, thats it. Fires are fires, drills still suck a heli-ski 1/2mile gets old. A bigger aircraft isn't always better either or even pay more. Good companies are few and far between and the pay tops out really quick. Fixed wing at least has progression in your career and larger companies are professionally run.
  5. Have used Cirro, would prefer to never use it again. Very clumsy layout and full of bugs.
  6. Is that how HeliJet keeps wages so low?
  7. I found the Culhane IFR books at my local library.
  8. Used to also get per-diem in camp and tent camps had an extra premium.
  9. What ever forestry is paying seems to be common and not penny a more.
  10. The L4 flight manual has an alternate method. Slow down and pull 100%tq, record numbers passing through a selected altitude in the climb. Works every time. Done them at sea level no problem.
  11. Flying in the low level environment is dangerous and its where i spend 90% of my time so any extra steps are a distraction that i try to avoid.
  12. 6 steps for what used to be one is going backwards IMO. I want a man overboard button like a marine GPS.
  13. https://www.gpscentral.ca They may be able to help you with a repair
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