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  1. A frenchmen told me the same thing on seismic. Then one day the bag runners was bouncing through staging. Never carried passengers, only moving bags. Except that day the engineer wanted to go for a quick test flight. So ya, never leave a long line attached when parked. Why would bird towing be any different? Make your case like you just crashed, after forgetting the bird was attached?
  2. The moral of story was never leave a longline connected when parked.
  3. Its heating up in on-terrible, Dryden's field of dreams has lots of parking. Be first, be brave, make that non rev flight........
  4. Easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
  5. Holiday working visa Canada, it's not actually called that anymore. Be from a commonwealth country, under 35, 1 year work visa no restrictions easily extended for a second year.
  6. Canadian companies exploit our generous holiday working visa program. Australia's holiday working visa is not as generous and you can only do short term work to support your holiday. The problem in yukon is ozzies live in camp and work for cut rate wages, and oh ya mate i got all me time flying around the chaz wazzer in me mates squirrel.
  7. HAC's goal is to keep working conditions #### and pay low. That is their only mission. HAC are clowns, never mention them again.
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