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  1. The L4 flight manual has an alternate method. Slow down and pull 100%tq, record numbers passing through a selected altitude in the climb. Works every time. Done them at sea level no problem.
  2. Flying in the low level environment is dangerous and its where i spend 90% of my time so any extra steps are a distraction that i try to avoid.
  3. 6 steps for what used to be one is going backwards IMO. I want a man overboard button like a marine GPS.
  4. https://www.gpscentral.ca They may be able to help you with a repair
  5. Heres the systems i've seen to abuse the seasonal averaging agreement Company 1 -Flight time plus 2hrs Company 2 ( more generous, not like the dirt bags down the road) -minimum 8hrs or flight time plus 2 hrs for days over 8hrs flying Company 3 -If you meet 2080hrs your done flying till Jan1. Put what ever you want on the forum. Company 4 We don't pay over time....
  6. Oh sweet summer child. What is work? I know companies that do not considerer sitting on IA for 14hrs in a blazing hot gravel pit work.
  7. Did CHL pay overtime? Does any private company pay pilots overtime? Raise your hand if you've been paid overtime!!!!!!!
  8. Now someone post HeliJets pay for air ambulances pilots!!!!!!
  9. Where a salty bunch of pirates?? who can't agree on anything.
  10. Before you ask for big money, you better be able to sell it. Do you add value? Do you make the owners life easier? Don't just agree to terms if your not happy!. Don't sign anything without reading and understanding it. Contracts have consequences!! and are not written in stone, you can negotiate them. You may not be as valuable as you think, ask your yourself how can you can change that. Good people have always been hard to find and quality comes at a cost. There are lots of ****** employees too, it does go both ways. Negotiate hard and don't take the first offer. And why not.... Here's my list of why some companies may have trouble finding staff. Hopefully my words will help them change their foolish ways. -Under appreciate / pay full time staff until they leave. -Bad pay / long tours. Have special flight pay, thats impossible to ever collect. -No guarantees, but claim their always busy, so don't worry. -Silly employment contracts, wanting employees to sign away rights. But don't worry we would never do whats in the contract -Don't want employees, only contractors. Who they can sue if anything goes south. Would never try and do that though....honest, just standard stuff -Bonds for PPCs, Bonds for endorsements. -Have old worn out ops manager/owner/CP stuck in the dark ages, same goes for aircraft. -Bad reputation. That means you have to pay more...learn from the past. -Company credit cards never have any funds available. -Require pilots to loan the company money for jet fuel and other operating expenses. Interest on short term loans will never be paid so don't even ask. -CARs/MCM is just an operational suggestion when busy.
  11. In a perfect world Pilots and engineers wouldn't be paid commission. Then logbooks wouldn't get forged and invoices padded for a few more dollars commission.
  12. The letter reflects the current RFM. Mineral Oil and pre heat below -20. Doesn't mention synthetic. Sounds like you need to raise your concerns with OPS and Maintenance.
  13. Airbus sent a private letter to a few diligent operators years ago about this issue. Some operators accepted it, others did not and demanded an RFM update. The NP RFM has a similiar statement as above. With one minor difference. (*) Operation at OAT < -20°C is approved provided that MGB andTGB oil temperature at engine start is ≥ -20°C. A procedure to measure the oil temperatures is provided in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (MET 60-00-00-603).
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