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  1. Hey, SkyKing, your initials wouldn't by any chance "GM" . If you are who I think you are, ya married a school teacher from Pickle Lake.
  2. Something like this affects us all. I remember when I first started flying. I did some of those tours at spring fairs etc. These two gentlemen would, no doubt, be very happy and excited about getting some hours in. May our thoughts and prayers be with the families and friends of these two young pilots.
  3. Hey Takem, Thanks for your comments! I'm sure glad that someone in the know at GSHL took the time to comment here. Sure is lots of whinning and tado about something some folks don't know anything about....lots of gossip! I work for GSHL as well and wouldn't work for any other company. So there!!! That's my 2 cents worth!
  4. Bill Halabisky Bruce Birch Jim DiCecco Frank Pellitier
  5. As well,sirlandsalot, don't forget to watch for the big white things as well. They might even hurt ya more!!!
  6. :down: Today in Iqaluit there were two Griffions parked at the fuel pumps in from of flight services. They got their fuel and just loitered around the ac for about 20 minutes while a Jetranger sat close by with engine running waiting for them to fire up and leave. They then proceeded into the terminal and finally the pilot of the Jetranger gave up and went and parked in another area and shut down. It seemed to those watching that the military pilots owned the apron and felt that they could do whatever they wanted. The pilot of the Jetranger wasted a start up trying to refuel. Has anyone else
  7. Yupper, Elvis. I do have many more names, but lots of 'em I know about, some are deceased and some of the names I don't remember who they are. I just picked out some names that I'm completely in the dark about!!! :shock: How ya doin? Man, ya must live with the computer eh! I see that some days you are on rather early and quite late! Have a good day there Elvis.
  8. Back to the Dom-Peg thread again. This past week I happened to meet an old friend who I worked with at DP in the mid 70's and he just happened to have an old employee list. Some of the people I know where they are and what they're doing, but others I don't have a clue. If ya know about any of these guys, let us know. Cliff Arnott Mart Battick Doug Beamish Al Biggerstaff Ed Burtch Carlos DeCampos Gary Gorgichuck John Duan Chris Franklin Jud Gordon Martin Hobbs John O'Neill Gary Richter John Stewart Mario Svalbe Bill Batchelor Randy Clark Roger Fortin Rick G
  9. Well, Rotorywing, I started with Dom-Peg in 72-acturally took my flying lessons with them starting in Jan. 72. I don't even remember that Dominion crest-sure looks nice. Whatcha think Elvis?
  10. Say graunch1, Is Mel Barton living and retired in Cochrane, Ontario or Cocherine, Alberta or Cocherine somewhere else? Just curious. If its Cocherine, Alberta I'll have to look him up next time I'm there. Thanks
  11. :up: Well TQN, you were absolutely right. Having this thread up in Helicopter Operations did the trick-getting a lot more feedback. It would sure be nice to have some real names instead of the user names. I know that I would know some of the people behind the names. I remember most of the people mentioned here. It's always interesting to know where these old friends and co-workers are now and what they're doing. Time slips by very quickly. It seems (at times) that I just finished my training at Dom-Peg and here now, it's just about retirement time!!! Wow, the time goes by very quickly. Hop
  12. I see this item has been moved. Well, it's sure nice to get some replys. I started with Dom-Peg in May of 72. Ron Boyd was Chief Pilot and John Benben was chief engineer, I believe. John Rowe (Skid Row) used to fly the company C185 travelling around Ont and Quebec doing sign outs. Dale Simpson is retired and living on Vancouver Island with his wife. Some of you folks out there, I must know. I worked with John Schultz (Schultzie) for a while when he was with Toronto Helicopters. When I met George Marseluk, he was working for Heli-Voyegeur????? in 1973. Spent some time with him and John Duan
  13. Man, TQN, I would have thought I'd have heard something by now (five days later). Yes, reunions are nice. There have been a couple I have known about, but they both took place when I was out in the boonies. The things I have missed over the years cause of the boonies-weddings, funerals, anniversaries etc etc. I did know your uncle Roy. Met him a few times up in Baie James in the 70's. He was with TQ and I was with Dom-Peg-Okanagan-Lac St. Jean Aviation. We just met, in passing sort of thing. It was several years after his passing, that I even heard bout it. Back to this site in another few
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