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  1. You have to register yourself or comany first, then you can reserve or register. Nothing is ever simple anymore it seems! LOL https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/opssvs/general-onlineservices-menu-1798.htm#Registration
  2. I'm just raising various interesting points to stimulate the conversation around this topic, although after 52 pages, I'm not sure we need anymore stimulation? Regardless, my own opinion is that a helicopter is flying the minutes the blades are up to speed, just bang that cyclic full deflection to the side sometime while sitting on the ground if you don't believe me! LOL
  3. Can't argue with you on the meaning of "flight Time" as defined in CAR's. My comment on billing (flight time) was strictly that, from the time the helicopter lifts off with the customer until it finishes the flight, no matter how many landings and takeoffs it has, for example a soil sampling flight. Nothing to do with the CAR's definition. CAR's also, as you've previously indicated, has a definition of "air time" which basically says the aircraft has toi be in the air to log "air time." Does your company bill the client strictly for "air time", as defined in CAR's, or for the time the total job takes, "flight time" as I mentioned above? Maybe the CTA could provide some guidance on billing flight or air time? Kidding.....
  4. That raises an interesting point....... Don't you record "time up" and "time down"? So is sitting on the ground waiting for pax to deplane "air time" by the definition? No, it's not, IMO, but it could be construed as "flight time" strictly for billing purposes, I suppose? If you count "sitting" time as "air time", by definition, then you're adding needless component times, are you not?
  5. Got the same notice yesterday. I'm not sure what would cause TC management to come up with something so negative. Even the regional TC people were using the resource. Beauacracy at it it's best?
  6. You may want to be careful what can of worms you open! Not sure a lot of us want to be flying around using mandated resperator masks???
  7. You'll not find anything in CAR's prohibiting passengers from occupying a seat with dual controls installed. Almost all fixed wing aircraft from a Cessna 150 on up come with duals "permanently" installed. You'll need a company policy (preferrably written) or better yet have it stated in your COM, that passengers are not allowed to occupy a seat that have access to flight controls.
  8. Update looks good and it's nice to be able to sign in again!
  9. Hey Dave, Good to see you're still following the helicopter world! Been a long time since we visited in northern Manitoba when Lambair were running Alouettes and Gazelle! Seems like those were good times... Are you still living in Calgary?
  10. Not sure whwere you're located, but I'd try Northern Lights in Dawson Creek, BC... http://www.nlc.bc.ca/Programs/All-Courses/ROTO121_Bell-206-Airframe-Field-Maintenance
  11. Must be a minimum security facility?? LOL
  12. Something seems a bit messed up alright. Nothing seems to happen when I hit the Sign In button in the upper right corner? Have to pick a restriced forun and sign in from there....
  13. Thanks for the update, Potsy. Sounds like you had a good time, as usual! Who was ther from Custom we'd know?
  14. Pretty tough industry this year, Potsy. Not sure what kind of message would be sent to employees by attendance, especially in those companies that had fairly hefty layoffs etc. Be interesting to see what Canadian attendance looks like this year...
  15. I think there's a pretty big difference between a mistake, which we all make now and then, and knowing what's right and wrong. IMO, illicit transport of drugs isn't a mistake, you know what you are doing and intentionally decide to break the law, never mind moral standards!
  16. Anyone got any facts/theories on this? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/helicopter-crash-sept-iles-1.3212789 Stay safe people...
  17. Yup, this was the explanation from Bell I was given for the 407 also...
  18. I'm not picking on you, but I wonder if TC is? That's why I was wondering how many others were getting the same hassle? It sounds like an over zealous inspector on a one time quest, and now he/she doesn't know how to back down gracefully?
  19. 20 pages is too much for me to read. How many have actually been affected by this or has it become making a mountain out of a mole hill?
  20. Cambox

    Magneto Failure

    No, and I doubt it was IFR either. A few errors me thinks...... Glad everything worked out. Aircraft Information Registration Mark: FDPN Foreign Registration: Flight #: Flight Rule: IFR
  21. I wasn't aware the Canadian military had Augusta109s?? When did that happen?
  22. I guess like the old adage, the only thing constant is change. Change is coming to our industry whether we like it or not, some we will appreciate, some we won't. But, it is coming .... We can accept that and plan for it or we can fight it and in the end have to adapt and try to catch up to those who were early adopters..... The change might not come with this PROPOSAL, but change of a sort will no doubt come. You and I may not like the way of the future, but we will have to live it.
  23. Skidz, I don't disagree with you that this will increase costs, it will for sure. But as I hinted above MAYBE it's time we realigned the tariff rates to make them more realistic? Why does our industry seemingly keep trying to line the clients pockets instead of our own? Are client expectations of pilot experience unrealistic? Again, I'm not sure, but we all had to start somewhere.... Everyone would love to start with a 1000 hours and our clients would all like pilots with a minimum of 5000 hours, both both scenarios are totally unrealistic, but again, we collectively keep bowing to pressure. Whose fault is that I wonder? Again, I sure don't have all the answers, but like most things in life, there are at least two sides to every story. Sometimes neither side is 100% correct and we have to compromise....
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