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  1. Mike Aldersey, Canadore College class of 1977/78. Has accumulated 30,000 hours accident free flight hours! Congratulations from one of your classmates.
  2. As I recall... the late 70's was the peak of the disco dance craze and music era ( think of the Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive" album and John Travolta "Saturday Night Fever" movie. Dean Bass was popular with the ladies at the college pubs, and every time he got up to dance, Ted Acheson and the boys would surround "The Silver Fox" on the dancefloor and copy "Disco" Dean's dance moves! (much to the embarrassment of the girl he was dancing with) I guess we can credit Ted (Charlie Farquarson) Acheson for giving Disco Dean that handle.
  3. 40 years ago... Canadore College Helicopter Pilot Program (1977-78) It was a pleasure to have Dean as one of the gang that trained/worked/partied/played together that year. My condolences to family and friends...
  4. I think you figured it out.... cheers, 212dude.
  5. ... It was a pleasure to have flown with John Schultz
  6. It surprises me that no-one here has posted the fact that John Schultz passed-on a couple of days ago. No service, but a Schultz-bash is scheduled. The date and venue for "the Celebration of the Life and Times of our Friend John Schultz" has been finalized: Date: November 30th, 2012; Time: 1400 hours to 2000 hours; Location: The Newmarket Veterans Association (NVA) 406 Millard Street Newmarket, Ontario Come and join John and Donna's families and friends and many members of the helicopter fraternity and Celebrate the extraordinary life and times of a true character of
  7. No need to get all worked up RTR... You may notice in the "other" thread that the "longstanding participant" has answered to the information quite eloquently. It seems to me, that what most readers of the report fail to grasp is the concept of "Power Corrupts" and persons in a supervisory position have the ability to distort facts to their advantage. But, there are brighter days ahead. Cheers.
  8. Interesting indeed... Hey Rob, sorry to see the outcome. (Glad that I never had to deal with supervisors from another place) No worries, the real world is still enjoyable. Cheers.
  9. Hey Jason... My condolences to you and your family, at the loss of your Dad. I never met the man, but know he was admired in the industry. Regards, 212dude
  10. ... just in time! To protect your azz from getting punted to the street.
  11. Like him or not... he does expose a sobering reality! I am grateful that he brings attention to this problem.
  12. ... wow, Rob Lamont! I recall Rob as a dock-rat at Lakeland Airways in Temagami in the late 70's. His dream was to be a pilot and work for the MNR (like his Father). My condolences to family.
  13. Give credit where credit is due. Just to clarify... and ensure that other companies are not blamed. Quote: Interior Helicopters Bell B206 (C-GWCR) Overdue (594875N 1253661W - North of Muncho Lake). Interior Helicopters reported an overdue long ranger C-GWCR from Muncho Lake Camp to a drill site approximately 48 miles northeast. The Buffalo, Cormorant, and two charter helicopters were tasked. C-GWCR landed safely the next morning after spending the night out due to weather and nightfall. The critical factors were entered. A total of 17.7 hrs were flown by all aircraft involved. C-GWCR
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