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  1. As someone with first hand knowledge of the happenings and time lines. The evacuation orders were issued as the threats became real. Glenrosa first...then Rose Valley and then once Terrace made a run for Lake Okanagan, the Fintry/Westside evacs. All of them were warranted with the Glenrosa/Westbank homes the most threatened on the 18th. Saturday was haywire...everyone was focused on the burning neighborhoods as would be expected. Rose Valley was not discovered till 30mins before grounding. Terrace Mtn was burning about 8 miles west of any homes. At the time that Glenrosa started the on
  2. I have quite a bit of time sitting in the Alpine seat. I was very excited about the concept and the fact that I would be able to wear my shoulder harnesses while leaning out the door. My first experience was a two hour production job and I have to say it was ****! I got out of the machine feeling like I got beat up! I have since figured out a great combination of accessories that enable me to fly 8 hours a day with no pain or fatigue. As was mentioned earlier a Roho cushion, and shoulder harness pads are key. ( I bought some sheepskin pads off ebay) Also the spring tension is
  3. RonnyRichteous ain't no brother of mine!!
  4. If the job is done as expected, safely and as efficiently as possible, I can't imagine why any forestry official would be calling home to express concerns. (Well unless AFS is trying to make you sleep in an ATCO that is still on a truck...or in a swamp in a tent and the flight crew tells them to pound sand) BCFS IMO leads the country for professionalism, respect, and integrity. Never had an issue worth getting worked up over... good people with a real common sense approach to the task at hand. I am with Skids on this one! P
  5. If someone notified us in one of our areas to an SOS we would take it upon ourselves to investigate. It would seem the "Golden Rule" would apply here! (and no pun intended) A call was made two days after they got lost. Tragedy could have been averted, but apparently other more important issues took precedent over a potential rescue effort. The Golden area is blessed with some of the best rescue personnel in the province..too bad they were not in the loop from the beginning.
  6. All speculation and conjecture aside...the fact remains that someone dropped the ball! Of course those people should not have been where they were with what they had with them...but they were. They made several attempts (allegedly) to signal the passing aircraft with the international sign for help and although noted...an immediate rescue/search was not commenced. Given the proximity to the ski area and the possibility of skiers going out of bounds unprepared, the likelyhood that it was a real emergency when first reported should have been obvious or at least considered legit. Some s
  7. Just looked up "Moron" in the dictionary and low and behold...it said, See Also; RonnyRotor Hmm go figure. Plink
  8. HG I am sure if you have been doing your research and you have a pretty good idea of which companies seem to stand out above others. The funny thing is that those "stand outs" will even have their critics. So My advice to you is do your homework ... Figure out what direction you want to go in the industry and then talk to the companies that you feel may offer what you are looking for. When you do meet them, listen to your gut. You should be able to tell the "Good Guys" the minute you walk thru their door. There are some great people working in the industry that will spend
  9. See ya there Zazu! Hope Santa finds us! Are you going to be at the lodge or in town?
  10. 10-4 Zazu, That is MicaVegas!! We get a little snow up there in the winter...the engineers do an awesome job.. the old fashioned way. Herman, covers, broom!
  11. Crank the cabin heat, drop the yellow visor, crank up the Sirius and be happy you are inside and not out! An ounce of prevention; It's all about the prep, take the time to wrap up your machine properly. Nothing worse than being out there at 1am after you get back from town, scraping ice from the freezing rain that occured while you were away, all so you can fly at 7am. Oh and be nice to your engineer!
  12. Ha yeah that is a good one too! Although it does look a little blue above!
  13. I have a Gallet helmet with both yellow and gray visors. I find I use the gray 90% of the time, even when the light is kinda flat. (Most of my days are in snow or overcast) Even on a gray day there is still a bit of glare. That said on a really crappy low overcast day, the yellow is quite effective. So it is nice to have both available. The yellow takes a bit to get used to when you first drop it...but after a few minutes everything adjusts and the world seems a little more friendly! I have tried the orange...and know that some people prefer them, my money is on the yellow though if I nee
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