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  1. I forgot to mention Black Swan Helicopters in Berwyn, Alberta also has pilot/operators or they did a couple of years ago.
  2. There is a company in the Manning Alberta area. I think they are named Valley B, but not 100% on that one.
  3. For LongRanger's(L1 and L3) I have never flown an LR - every 25 lbs tick on the Fuel Gauge is 0.1
  4. I did my night rating with Luca a few years ago. You will not find a more pleasant or calm instructor in my opinion. A lasting memory were the night-and I mean very dark-confines in Bragg Creek-what a hoot! I was pretty nervous but Luca never even let on. Tony, who looks after the news side of things is also a great guy. As Daz alluded to, every hour of training should be treated as a potential job interview.
  5. For the android folks Appventive Weight and Balance cost me about $10 and came in handy during a ramp check this past summer. Punched in the numbers, it spat out the weight and balance with a handy little graph, emailed it to myself and the CP while the Transport gents were doing their cool down. They seemed very impressed. Start to finish it took about 30 seconds.
  6. Nope. Sorry wrong person.

  7. Is that you Paul?

  8. I thought this link was kind of amusing. http://www.ripoffreport.com/directory/icefield-helicopter-tours.aspx
  9. I have seen ads on TV for these, has anyone tried them? http://www.originalbugpatch.com/
  10. I bought an Aera 500 in January and have had no problems in the cold. I have had it down to about -30C during the day but was hangared at night with my helmet. There certainly are some software glitches that Garmin is well aware of, such as if uploading from a computer the waypoints won't show up on the screen but are still in the memory. If hand inputted the waypoints will be on the screen though. I have been told multiple times that a patch is coming. My wife bought me a combination pen/stylus that really helps with the touch screen. Although not quite as user friendly as the 196/296 s
  11. I had the bucket on the last couple of days and now 10-15 cm of snow expected by tonight. Ya gotta love Alberta in the spring!
  12. I thought this was interesting. http://money.ca.msn.com/investing/news/bre...mentid=23351182
  13. There was a Campbell 205 flying around Lac La Biche, AB last week.
  14. Here is the CADORS. Record #7 Cadors Number: 2009A0212 Reporting Region: Atlantic Occurrence InformationOccurrence Type: Accident Occurrence Date: 2009/03/12 Occurrence Time: 1215 Z Day Or Night: day-time Fatalities: 1 Injuries: Canadian Aerodrome ID: Aerodrome Name: Occurrence Location: 472605N515658W Province: Country: CANADA World Area: North America Reported By: NAV CANADA AOR Number: 105029-V1 TSB Class Of Investigation: 3 TSB Occurrence No.: Event InformationEngine oil problemForced landingCollision with terrainDiversion Aircraft InformationFlight
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