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  1. http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/hnz-expands-its-northern-canadian-operations-through-investment-in-acasta-heliflight-inc-571375361.html
  2. Anybody in the know if any of the Suds personnel(ops or mx) were offered a paid move to Orillia? Or are there also lay-offs involved? Maybe retirements?
  3. sheesh Maury, when you asked the question "Anyone making much money this year?", you didn't really ask for details, ok, you didn't ask for details at all.... you asked a question with a yes or no answer. So I'm asking, are we in the dark ages because we don't volunteer info(offer more), or are we in the dark ages because we feel entitled for info(things) we didn't ask for?
  4. Two hour mins wouldn't mean much, as long as the people making use of the helicopter services required at least 4 to 5 hours of flying per day.
  5. http://crownassets.pwgsc.gc.ca/mn-eng.cfm?snc=wfsav&sc=enc-bid&scn=92677&lcn=236785&lct=L&srchtype=&lci=&str=1&ltnf=1&frmsr=1&sf=ferm-clos Well, the government is starting bidding at $25,000..........
  6. I concur with old bull, unfortunately though there's quite a few companies that will use a company like matrix as one stop shopping when it comes to something like exploration in the arctic, rather than approach the individual companies needed to run a camp operation....... my experience with them comes from being a former nunasi helicopters employee, and having M.K. from YK representing both nunasi and matrix pull one of nunasi's machines off a job so matrix can put a third party machine on the same job but chartered through matrix, so matrix can bill the client "arctic tariff rates",
  7. More biofuel news articles http://green.yahoo.com/news/nm/20071015/sc...in_fuel_dc.html
  8. There's an extensive article in Aviation Week's Business and Commercial Aviation magazine- September 2007 issue concerning biofuels and the R&D going into it.... Unfortunately though to see the online version you have to purchase a subscription.... PS: I'm not going to get shunned for mentioned a mainly fixed wing oriented publication am I?
  9. Since this is an anonymous forum, and no one can verify who you are or what you're capable of, bucktweed gave you some constructive comments, and you let fly with the "let's get serious"..... Are you actually looking for someone to blow hot air up yer skirt and give you some numbers that someone with 10 or 20 years on a medium would make? That wouldn't actually be a help to you at this point in time........
  10. Sheesh, I can't remember ever seeing a complete job description(any type of work) that didn't state something to the effect of, " and other duties as assigned.", and I now wrench for the government, and it was in that job description as well........ I never could respect a co-worker( pilot or not) that didn't respect the tools(hand tools, heli's, hangars, etc) of the trade, it's how we earn our living..... take care of it!
  11. We found using graphite lube actually absorbed moisture, holding it between the pin and bore surfaces, so on our twinstars we've just started gun blueing the pins every 100hrs, and 355 grease..... we did notice a reduction in rust and pitting amounts....
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