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  1. This course is confirmed for May 2-6 at Northern Lights College, so if anybody else is interested give John Morrison a call at 250-794-1293.
  2. It looks like there is a good possibility of a Maintenance training course for the LTS 101 at the end of April from the week of 25 to 29 at NCL. Trying to get enough people together to make it happen, looks like we have six for sure, but the more the better. This is the Transport Canada Approved course. Anybody interested? If so send me an email. tedwards@horizonhelicopters.ca
  3. Anybody know how to get ahold of Lance Tanner? Edit: Woops spelt his name wrong on Topic but I can't seem to change it....
  4. What's everybody using for anti-chafe tape? I've used some different ones with varrying results. I'm looking for something for an a-star tailboom. I've used the brown teflon tape, but whenever oil touches it it becomes unstuck and just peels off, I've used some clear tapes but they just seem to change color and look like crap after a couple months. I want something that actually lasts! Any info is appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody knew where you can find any bendix/king installation and operation manuals. All other manufacturers put them online for easy downloading. I'm specifically looking for one for the KX 155 but would like to get some others as well. Preferrebly the most recent revisions. Thanks for any help.
  6. Just looking to see if anybody is aware of any place you can do a type course on the a/f for the hughes 500 other than the factory? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Just some info if anybody is interested, she offers 212, 206, 205, as350, LTS101, S61, and maybe an S76 course. Here is a copy of the schedule she gave me for anybody interested, all transport approved courses. Type_Course_Schedule_2008.pdf
  8. Hey all, if an AME wanted to get an A&P what does he have to do??? Anybody here done it?? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Feel free to pm me. Caltow.
  9. Good day everybody. I was wondering what everybody is doing for 212 maintenance courses these days including the twinpack courses?? Are most people just using their 205 airframe course and companies bringing in a guy to do a twinpack course?? Are there any companies doing inhouse airframe and engine?? I'm looking at doing one this fall and would like to hear some comments. Obviously there is bell for airframe but I've heard the courses are crap there and expensive and you would still need the engine course.
  10. Trans north is not brown and yellow, not looking for an ops manager as the one we have is awesome, and we are not on the 8th one in 8 years. Get your facts straight!
  11. This is what I always do. 6 or 7 hrs over three nights then do paperwork during the day. If i'm in the field working on the machine everyday it would probably be less. This is with no help by the way. I'm currently doing this right now on a jetbox. Rain got the best of me last night and only got 4.5 hrs in.
  12. I just got the call today from the dom about it and I was told that we (engineers) are going to have to sign it out from now on..... An engineer for every a-star is gonna be tough when you are hard up as it is.
  13. I'll bite... what's rewarding for me is rebuilding a machine from a bare airframe. When you see it take off for its first job and all the customers are comenting on how good it looks and the pilot loves how it flies it's pretty rewarding. It's also rewarding working on it after an overhaul because everytime you see the machine you are proud of your work and how you are glad you spent extra time doing a nice job prosealing everything and how nice you bundle all the wires. I like to take pride in my work.
  14. did you guys check the shimming on the ignitor/injectors? Judging by the symptoms it doesn't sound like it but you never know.
  15. I had Yee for level 1. I used to love those 2 1/2 hour lunches.. I've never heard of MacFarlane, he must be newer.
  16. Tell me about it... I just did two endorsement courses in a row... that's a cold walk in the morning with the wind and minus 25 for most of the time I was there. And for the record I went to bcit and I turned out just fine.... all that matters is your attitude. Just stay away from that certain helicopter instructor.... he likes to chew people out for no reason.
  17. Where do you people get your false information... lol Trans north doesn't have a new cheif pilot...
  18. I'm sure it's been covered before but I think he's just showing the one that great slave ordered that's newly built.
  19. could be a #5 but that would be more on shutdown due... I vote for #8 seal.. either way it's a bad seal install or seal itself... We had a c20b once that was eating some serious oil.. not as bad as you are describing, and no cloud of smoke and it was a bad lab seal and it happened two times in a row... third time was a charm.
  20. Thanx for the replies guys.... and keep em' coming
  21. So.. has anybody worked for the DOM ? How is the work environment and what is the company like to work for?? Thanx, Caltow
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