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  1. Thoughts and prayers to all who knew him. Rest in peace Keep safe out there everyone!
  2. Hahaha, I have to say that I have seen LFT and Big Dog move a fair bit more than 181 kg (398 lbs) Talk about derating! Keep safe down there Valhalla crew! You will have a blast, I know I did.
  3. Great Topic Elan, Black Mike do you have any idea what constitutes as depression? Have you ever sat around a table with aviation types? I am quite sure you have as you have been in this business for as long or longer than I have. I believe that a good portion of pilots and engineers alike suffer from varying degrees of depression even yourself maybe at some point, especially in the heli industry. Most conversations I have been privy to with alot of my peers digress at some point and focus on being underpaid, under appreciated, over worked, ****** benefits or lack there of and the list goes on. Simply being consumed with what others are making, or getting that you are not receiving or constantly thinking of ways to improve your net income or quality of life is actually considered depression. I am sure everyone can relate to the hanger or bar room ***** session and if you haven't been just wait a little longer. I give the thumbs up to anyone that has recognized this in themselves and rather than self medicating like so many of us do with booze they are actually seeking the proper help. Australia is leaps and bounds ahead of North America with their stance on mental health issues and their pilots. They would far rather have someone getting the help they need than to be suffering day to day trying to hide it! I am glad that things are progressing on this side of the pond because I think the problem is quite epidemic in aviation circles (my opinion) For all you smokers out there, the common remedy to quit is Zyban well guess what! it is Bupropion an anti-depressant, a mind altering drug that could by right ground you. (something to think about) anyways I am getting too long winded so I will wind it up with this, before a person throws rocks in glass houses a self analysis may be in order. Get the help if you need it, it is not a sign of weakness!! Not picking on you Black Mike I am just pointing out that depression is not always that person who has given up on life. Have a great season all and keep er safe
  4. Hey I have a brilliant plan to stick it to "The Man" A.K.A ASRD On June 15th, 2010 at exactly noon all pilots/engineers walk off the fire line (assuming there are fires) Lets see if we can unite the so called ununited and go on strike. At the end of the day we all basically do the same job we just wear different colors. How much fun would that be to send a message? This is my 14th year in the industry and boy a shake up is long overdue! How long do you figure it would take before forestry would smarten up? I think it would be a hoot! We all wander away and head to the pub for the rest of the day or week until the point is proven. Good times, Good times! but not very likely! Dare to dream Arnold, dare to dream! Oops
  5. Hey Bags, I have flown with the tilt seat and found it extremely uncomfortable! I would hit my right leg constantly with forward right cyclic no matter how much I tried to bow my leg. On longer turns when it is nice to come in out of the window I found it very awkward hitting the lever and transitioning my weight to swing the seat back upright (I am not a real big guy, so it took a little effort) I found the transwest seat to be the most comfortable and if you are flying with the old bell seats with the lumbar that digs in to the ol love handle, purchase yourself a ROHO wheelchair seat. They are anywhere from 250 to 400 bucks and if you go online you can get them custom made to your seats specs these are incredibly comfy. If you couple this seat with a good long line strap for upper body support 8-10 hours in the window will be a breeze! Cheers, oops
  6. Hey sherpa The Jerk store called and they are all out of you!! That was a pretty ignorant response to a valid question! Do you feel better now? Oh and Cheers (cause that makes it better) Oopsydaisy
  7. Sidewall, Do you just contradict everyone for fun or are you really just a simpleton?
  8. OH and to brush any debris from his fancy epaulettes so the ladies can see 4 bars not 3!!
  9. To use as a duster, best way to keeping the console looking fabulous!
  10. Oh No!! We lost you to the dark side hey? Well good luck with all of your endeavors I am sure the forum will miss your intellect and thought provoking posts!! Adios P.S I guess I will probably see you at some time or another with the dreaded ramp check list in hand, take it easy on me that day, Okay? Have Fun!! Cheers, Rod
  11. I have a couple of policies but I pay quite a bit 120 per month for only 200,000 dollars. These are with Western Financial. I have been actively searching just recently and a fella I know told me to talk to Primerica apparently they dont have any kind of a rating system. I will keep you posted as to what I find out, I have a meeting with one of their reps early next week.
  12. Haha! Wow!!, sipping on some of Grandpas medicine are you?
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