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  1. How tragic. My deepest sympathies go out to the friends and families of these two young pilots and the people at Essential. Rest in Peace.
  2. You're right about the lack of helicopter specific content, but I wasn't able to find anyone in Southern ON offering an IFR ground school for heli pilots. So far we haven't covered anything above 18,000'. No fixed wing W&B or theory of flight either. The instructor has everyone introduce themselves and there are high time bush guys, college guys and private pilots. This way, he has a pretty good idea how to present the course. He gears the content adding extra so the private guys and the heli guys get what they need. In a few cases where there are items that may be different for heli
  3. I'm attending the course right now. It's excellent. Very well put together, very informative and well presented. You're getting instruction from highly experienced people here, not 200 hour wonders. Well worth the money in my opinion.
  4. Here's an early morning picture of GAZ next to her former sister ship TCH. Great Lakes leased it from Four Season's for almost 2 years. She weighed in around 1954lbs. TCH is owned by National but in the picture, was being operated by Skyway Helicopters. (hope the pic works)
  5. I'm looking for Heloteacher. I haven't seen him around here for a long time. Can someone PM with with contact info. Gracious.
  6. Give Heather a call at Hammond Aviation. 888 256 1106 or email heather@hammondaviation.com They have several copies, old and new.
  7. So much for an alias. I dropped in to see you this past summer but you were just blasting off in the L for your other base. I was trying to scam a free ride for my Dad who was up from NL for a week. The boss ended up lending me our 206. Still, I'd rather have spent your companies fuel. Frost flying... Still one of my fav's.
  8. Well I only grazed one tree this summer so I'd say it was a good one. Cheeko's. I guess you don't have to worry about those too much anymore out over the Atlantic. I'll be in YYT Dec 23 until Jan 3 and I'll be bringing my thirst.
  9. Actually, tell Gary you LOVE his Australian accent.
  10. You can always come in and see for yourself. Ask for Nick, Chris or Gary. We'll show ya around and give ya an honest no BS question and answer session. cs
  11. I had an avionics shop install the cheap ANR kit mentioned above and I hate it. I've had some really loud squeels come from it especially in the cold. I've since disconnected it and went back to earplugs. I'm looking at taking the guts out of a DC ANR headset and trying that, or possibly the Sennheiser kit mention by the Dumby above.
  12. We were talking about this just yesterday. A friend of mine bought a R22 for $100,000. He kept it for about a year and a half, and put 500 hours on it. Then he sold if for $85,000 $15,000 Aircraft $25,000 fuel $ 4,000 Maintenence (approx) $ 3,000 Copa liability insurance $ 500 oil $47,500 or $95.00 per hour. Then with 600hrs TT he walked into a flying job. The company didn't really care where the time came from, because like a lot of operators, its the Insurance company that puts on the restrictions. (and some customers) Worth pondering. (Also, I wouldn't
  13. I'm out of the office until next Wed the 26. I'll email everyone and look after ya when I get back. Cheers
  14. I'm a distributer for Alpha. PM me or email to chris@greatlakeshelicopter.ca I will send out all the info I have for the Eagle and the 200. I'll also absorb all the BS from dealer for ya that Auto Relight mentioned.
  15. Meanwhile... back on topic, Rob, Dude, or anyone else... Did either of you guys hear back from GFT on this matter? I would like to hear their definition of "cost sharing," and what they expect from you in return and how long of a commitment they're asking for.
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