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  1. Anyone still doing seismic? Any companies still getting seimic work?
  2. GrayHorizons Not insulted personally, but your attitude that anyone that doesn't think like you is "fragile" "feeble" and worried about their job is pretty asinine. Someone asks for advise on this forum, its given by many, and just because you disagree with them, you go right to the insults, and demeaning posts. Maybe next time, give your advice, and try not to disrespect the other members of the forum just because it doesn't align with your views. Carry on
  3. Yes,,,,GrayHorizons, that's what it must be. Anyone giving an honest opionion of the Canadian helicopter industry, is worried their job may be taken by the fresh 100 hr pilot out of school LOL. He asked for honest opinions, and thats what he got. Your screwball reason for why we gave an honest opinion is off base and insulting.
  4. Go Fixed wing, their industry is booming, pay is better. Not as exciting, but that doesn't seem to be as important when you get older. More leg room in a 737 lol Attend a college fixed wing program, some airlines are recruiting before they even have a diploma in hand. If I was younger, I'd convert My opinion
  5. Thanks for the reply's everyone, Jim, sorry about your dads passing. Lots of stories I bet.
  6. I was watching CBC Calgary today, and they showed an old clip from 1987, of an Okanogan S61 lifting up the Olympic torch on top of the Calgary Tower. Very cool old clip, I was wondering who the pilots and engineers were? And if they’re still working in the industry
  7. A few months ago, I read in a magazine about an alberta base oil company already using UAV's to fly their pipelines. I think it was Encana, but don't quote me on it. I can see these things taking over very quickly, on some of the less skilled flying jobs, like pipeline patrols, leak detection. But I think it'll be a long time before it replaces any production type work.
  8. I reread my post, I don't see anywhere, where I suggested that "the guys who love the job should leave so that the guys who want all the comfy,cushy working conditions can stay" And I never mentioned anywhere that "guys hate it when the guys who suck it up and go to work....keep going to work" If you didn't like my post, say so, but don't put words in my mouth, and make up statements. And the remark to Rotor about "maybe you should leave the industry" was just little taste of his attitude back at him. We may not all agree on everything in this industry, but by saying " you should quit", just
  9. You don't even see the problem with your previous statement do you? Your attitude towards the industry, is absolutely the reason it is, the way it is. Happy about flying 74 hrs, and 25% was non rev? And then telling someone that "If you don't like it then leave and we will fill your seat" Just for the LOVE LOL, give me a break. Maybe you should leave the industry? Then we wouldn't have such a large group of pilots out there bringing down the average.
  10. well, now you can really call your self a Liberal. Nothing like insulting and belittling anyone who doesn't agree with you. Yup, you'll fit right in
  11. I see no problems with the Fair Elections Act. The biggest complaint to the Act is the elimination of Vouching. I can't see why anyone would have a problem with this. I had to produce two pieces of ID to get my ECG done, but you don't have to prove who you are in an election? Thats ridiculous Oh ya, my buddy says I am, who I say I am,, no chance of fraud there eh, like fraud never happens today LOL
  12. Hi All Just wondering if anybody has info on STARS, mostly on how they schedule their crews. Also what a starting Co-Captain/Captain salary is. Any info on there Defined Contribution Pension. And where you would most likely get posted to these days. I did a search, but most topics were a few years old, and I imagine things have changed a bit. Thanks to all who respond 49merc
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