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  1. I agree, beats sitting in a tent swatting flies in the tundra LOL. Sure, maybe its not as glamourous (insert rolling eyes here) as heli skiing, but at the end of the day there's a nice hotel room, hot tub, pool and even a water slide. Even the camps are getting cushy, executive rooms,private baths ( sometime LOL) I'll keep doing it until I win 6/49 49merc
  2. I wouldn't say "awesome" but I like it. It keeps you working in the winter time. It is interesting, working with the crews.LOL The money is pretty good too. 49merc
  3. Same reason a calculator is faster and more accurate?? Try doing Trig. in your head LOL. I don't know why so many are opposed to this app? To not move forward with new technology, whether it be a simple W&B app is narrow minded. As long as the old fashioned way is there (which it is) to follow up, if your phone is lost or dead. Same applies with our GPS usage, maps at the ready incase it packs it in before the flight is over. Aviation like any other industry needs to keep up with the changing times. 49merc
  4. We ran a lot of Jet A1 with anti ice in one of our ford diesels without adding any kind of additive or ATF. It did not sound very good, and lacked power. I personally wouldn't run the stuff, these trucks cost too much to be trying to save a few dollars on fuel. 49merc
  5. No thanks, but I appreciate the offer. Great Slave has lots of seismic this winter. Just got off a 3 week tour, thats the rotation this winter. We sold all our 500's except one, and it'll be gone by spring I guess.

    Are you still with Expedition?

    Have a good year?

    mine was pretty good, but there should be seismic till April,possibly year round


  6. I actually never read the article, but,sometimes you can pass on good information from your failures. I know I would have done things differently if I had the chance to do it over again.I pass on this info every time someone asks me on how to become a pilot. 49merc
  7. The point everyone is trying to make is that the Robinson is a an entry level helicopter for people with deeper than normal pockets. If other manufactures had a product line of similar value, I think you would see the same issues arise with them as well. And really lets put it into perspective, flying a helicopter has a certain amount of risk involved, and just because you have enough money to afford a helicopter, doesn't me you should be in one. A private pilot license is 60hr???? A helicopter is not an easy/forgivable platform to fly in the first place. Not really a great place for some
  8. Max I have a PDF Flight Manual for the B2 VEMD, dated October 15/2010. It states the hydraulic checks are to be done at ground idle. I got it from our training department. I am in now way an expert on A-Star's, so I can only go by what I have. Is there a newer Revision out? And I kinda guessed the aircraft wouldn't flip over if the hydraulics were depleted at ground idle, with the collective unlocked, but I had to ask. 49 Merc
  9. Not b****y likely! Which part? The hydraulics check, or the rolling over part?
  10. Regarding the hydraulics check on a B2, the latest revision I have is July 21/2010. It has the hydraulic checks done at ground idle. Would an A-star come off the ground if the collective wasn't locked at ground idle?? Not sure
  11. I have never flown an R22, but I have flown an R44. So I can't comment on the first one. I found the 44 to be a great helicopter, with great reliability. I'm do not know of these "known defects". Maybe someone could educate the rest of us on these defects. As far crash survivability, I agree all helicopters should be as safe as reasonably possible. Oh and while were at it we might as well shut down all the motorcycle manufactures as well, they make machines that are not very survivable in an accident either.How many young men have died on there brand new YZF 1000? 49merc
  12. Pilot5 I never said your opinion was juvenile. Everyone is entitled to the opinion. I said your posts were juvenile. 49merc
  13. It sounds juvenile, because you keep repeating the same thing in every post. Just like an adolescent would when they try to get there point across. No new info, just repeating louder and louder until everyone agrees with him. thats all.
  14. How can you compare aircraft build, and designed for military contracts, that were considered to be disposable aircraft because they had low survivability rates, to an aircraft that was designed to be a reasonable inexpensive means of vertical flight for the masses? More so, wealthier business men trying to minimize there commute to work. Oh, and by the way,your posts sound very juvenile.
  15. I don't see anything in his post that states he's got a problem. He's just asking for constructive advice, and information. You just gave him a lecturing on poor planning LOL!!!
  16. AH1 This is a public forum, thats what it is for. To bring information to the table so everyone can benefit from it. Not snicker in the shadows about how things turned out for yourself, and not passing on useful information to others. All R22 Capt. passed on was his experience, and that paying for endorsements isn't necessarily the norm. So now anyone faced with the decision to shell out more money to fly, they can see that not everyone had to do this, and they can make an informed decision if this is right for them. I personally enjoy hearing stories like his, it reassuring to know n
  17. Blake Stay in school,and finish your degree, this industry is mostly seasonal, and can be a pretty bumpy road.Especially when you are starting out. A fall back career could be really important. Your young, and have lots of time ahead of you. I can only say what I know, and I don't think its too busy out there yet. But on that note, if you want to fly helicopters you should pursue it. Be smart about it, don't rush in.
  18. Oh YA, thats good!! Never experienced that before LOL
  19. Well isn't that the exact thing a union doesn't allow. You get hired, and these are the pay scales in place you your job description? It doesn't matter how many people bang on there door for a job,or how low they will work for to just get in the door. Pilot5 I've never worked for a union, so I don't have any definite answers. And your comments on the people that work at TC are mind boggling, are you serious????? I hope your not, because your opinion is now garbage from here on if you are.
  20. Crappy aircraft rates = crappy wages, benefits, rotations, no pensions,,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH Too many flyby night operators bringing down the whole show. None of these problems will go away until that changes. Someone said something about a plumber getting paid more than a 25 yr engineer,, I seen an add for a plumber @ 41.00$\hr. Thats because the company sending him\her out is charging double that rate. Don't know were I was going with this but,, there it is Put that in your pipe and smoke it?
  21. Couple weeks ago, I saw two weirdly painted 412's at the Calgary airport. The tail booms were painted like a Canadian Forces ship, but the fronts were painted a solid green, and a burgandy color. Also were C registered.
  22. Dr Duke i don't think a lack of maint. was the issue with this company, It had, as far as I was concerned a reputable RMO working on there machines. not defending this operator, lord knows it had lots of issues.
  23. If you need Surefire parts,bulbs go to the 911 store in Calgary.Just off Blackfoot,and 42nd?? They carry a good selection of lights,and parts.They also sell the 9v batteries that regular stores charge 9$,, for about 2$. 49merc
  24. that was pretty cool. I might have to break down and buy that. and Helilog56 weird is good.
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