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  1. After reading the post about the flashlights, I thought this would be a fun one to talk about. Anyone else got anything cool they would like to share with the class,,anyone,anyone Bueller!!! I bought a Surefire flashlight,and it's awesome.My girlfriend thinks it's weird to love a flashlight though. 49 merc
  2. Shooter. Definetly not trying to slam anyone,,met all kinds in my short flying career.I know things are different on the military side,I just want to make sure I have the aptitude,and atittude before I make any drastic life changes. I served three years in 1RCR many years ago,and I enjoyed somethings,and disliked other things. You mentioned being away 6-8 months,,is this a normal for the long term,or is the Aphgan mission requiring more than the usual from the units? Also I'm not thinking of the reserves because of the current downturn in the industry.My job is secure,and well p
  3. Huddy Thanks for all the info,very helpful.You mentioned you have been in for two years. Do you see yourself doing 25 years in this organization? I'm asking because i've talked to a few Canadian forces pilots,fixed wing,and rotory,and they gave the impression that it was a "not so great of an experience".Not a lot of flying,politics,ego's... Just wondering your take on it. Thanks again 49merc
  4. Huddy "historicaly about 80% of heli-cop pilots fail instrument or low level nav." Why is the failure rate so high on the IFR? Just wondering,,Hundreds of low time fixed wing,and helicopter pilots do it every year in the State and Canada.Why is it harder in the military? Just curious. And what is the low level Nav? Thanks 49merc
  5. Shooter. I have a few questions,maybe you can answer. If you go full time reservist,what are the contract lengths? Are you required to get a University degree if you decide to make a career of the reserves? And if you do bring value to the unit by commiting,and serving multiple contracts.Do they take care of you by providing a pension after 20yrs service like the Regs. Just a few questions that I could think of. Thanks 49merc
  6. """This is 2008 the modern industry has become global and thats the way it is. When you get to australia on a 212 or S64 in january and its either bucketing rain or the whole countryside is burning, you won't here the aussies pissing and mouning that all those great machines are full off canucks and yanks, they are glad to have you there""" First off, I have to say that I have no problem with foreign pilots working in Canada.I have met so many great people flying from foreign countries in my short career. But,,I would like to say is how many S64,S61,212 pilots are there,,very few proba
  7. If your getting 200$ a day WOW,you are definetly getting paid very well,,I know guys with 3500hrs that make 225 a day,,so ya you are one of the exceptions.For a 100 hr pilot Good on ya Cheers
  8. I don't think any new pilot thinks he\she deserves, big money,great schedule,just because they dropped 50-60G's on a licence.I do think they expect to make a decent living without sacrificing,their life for it. And what's wrong with wanting a great schedule,just because it's been crappy for years,does that mean it has to stay that way I think todays younger generation put's more value on a home life than,than bragging rights on how many hrs they flew that year. thats all I got say about that
  9. I've used the Rupertsland one the most,and the Mr T one.Would take a Rupertsland one any day. If there maintained properly,and the internals are kept clean,it works perfect.Had to use one of Trace's owned Rupertsland runners once ,,piece of garbage,banged up,wouldn't release,,,etc,,etc. Had only a hand full of double drops in a year,and easier to pick with. my 2 cents
  10. Does anybody know which operator participated in the deer cull mentioned on the home page news column? Just curious. thanks
  11. rainman,,, thanks for the responce.. On page 42 there is another discussion on insurance and someone ( can't remember the name though ) mention Bob McNary in Calgary. So I called him up, and through Canada Life he quoted me for a 33 yr old,non-smoker for 300,000$$ UL was 87.00$$ A lot better than the 157.00 $ I was quoted through Manulife for ony 250,000 Did the medical this morning and should find out soon what the final outcome will be. I'll post any new info I get Thank 49 Merc
  12. I just looked into insurance,and this is the best I was quoted. I have read all the forums (3) on this topic that I could find,and was wondering if these were good rates ,or if there are better rates to be found Based on 250,000 $$ in coverage 33yrs non smoker 10 year term---92.86/month 20 year term---100.99/month Universal Life---157.46/month Do these rate seem O.K... If not can anyone recommend someone better. Thanks for your input
  13. Thanks NG I'll have to go buy them 49 Merc
  14. Hey NG Limited That soft seal/hush kit from oregon Aero!!! is it something you can install yourself ,or does it have to be done by a tech ???? and is it worth the money??? thanx in advance 49 Merc
  15. Thanks too everyone who replied to my post I appreciate the time,effort,and info. 49 Merc
  16. Hi Rotorhead Thanks for the reply on my " Pensions " post.. I've got a question regarding the pictures though. The registration on the aircraft,where is it from???
  17. I hear ya my 6/49 plan isn't paying out too well these days either maybe try super 7 49 Merc
  18. Deuce Bigalow thanks for the info. I didn't know VIH had one. I'm actually surprised that more companies don't offer a pension as a way of attracting, and keeping crews for the long term. thanx's 49 Merc
  19. Hi everyone I was just wondering if any companies offer a pension, other than Canadian Helicopters. Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated Thanks 49 Merc
  20. Question??? Are these 2 and 2 rotations reseverved for higher time / long term pilots, or are there companies out there that offer it to all employee's. It sounds like there are a quite a few people with nice rotations. Can I get some names of companies,, I'd appreciate it , and so would my better half.. Thnx,s 49 Merc
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