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  1. Wayne


    Although you probably don't remember me I certainly remember you! I was a low time pilot looking for work. I remember that you took the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me at the local Tim Hortons in Fort Saskatchewan. You sir were the only owner / operator that not only bought me a coffee but also offered to buy me lunch!! Although you did need another low time pilot I left feeling upbeat and ethusiastic about the future!


    I sincerely appreciate the time you gave me. I wish you a speedy recovery!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!


    David Ivanowich

  2. Thanks Guys


    I really appreciate all your help in regards to types of tools to purchase. The reason my toolbox is lacking is because I currently work for a civillian company that works on a military aircraft....hence the employer supplies tools. I am currently working on building my toolbox as I one day plan on working on a civillian registered aircraft in order to obtain my AME license.

    Thanks for all your help, keep em coming


  3. Hey Guys


    Trying to build up my current toolbox. Luckily at my current employer all tools are provided. So my question is what brand of sockets do you guys prefer? Here at work we have a series of proto that seem to work as well as armstrong which I am not all that fond of. I prefer snap-on but seriously can't afford them...far to many loans. I am currently looking at SK and good old craftsman. Any opinions? Thanks,


  4. Thank-you to the kind person who sent me a private message with the names of both pilots involved. I went to flight school with both. Unfortunately I had lost touch with both pilots as life gets busy and I also left the civillian helicopter world. I guess its just a little lesson in life to keep in contact with those who are important to you. Surprisingly one pilot is in hospital a short distance from where I live...I plan on making a visit sometime this week. My prayers go out to all involved, my condolences to the family of the firefighter.


  5. Hey Guys


    I am a civy working for IMP Aerospace on the Cormorant Helicopter. I was wondering how to go about logging tasks and time towards a license. I have contacted Transport with little help...they tell me to log the tasks and get them signed for the person signing for the work, as for skill or tasks get my immediate supervisor to sign the logbook. Wondering if anyone else is in my shoes....how they are going about logging tasks and what road blocks they are up against. Other issue is are you using a transport type logbook.

    Thanks for the help.


  6. Hey Hey


    Boy that brings back memories of working in pickle lake years ago. We decided it would be a good idea to open up a strip club / servicing cottage about 20 mins North of Pickle Lake. Only way in would be via helicopter. Just think of all the time I would have been able to put in a logbook if such a place existed. No minimums needed there :lol:

  7. Hi Guys



    Well its time to move and I have an old military helmet to give away. It actually works! Its an old gentex and was painted long before I got it. I believe its a medium or small size...not sure. If you want it and are willing to pay the shipping its yours! Just send me a PM! Safe and happy flying this summer!

    Puddle Jumper


  8. Best advice I could give is to relax. Your Instructor would never allow you to go if he/she didn't feel confident in your skills and abilities. You know the numbers....you can make the spot....remember your the pilot! Be aware though of the Transport guy wanting you to perform moves that are not permitted. I remember the transport guy wanting me to go high speed low level in between the trees over a small stream. A quick no and explaining the height velocity envelope solved the problem. Goodluck, keep us posted.

  9. Hi Everyone.


    Many of you know my story....by no means new to aviation. I am about to complete Aircraft Maintenance trainging and will be looking for an apprentice job in May. I am looking for PMs from you good fellows to give me a heads up on what I should expect for wages (I know not much but non the less) and the rough idea of where (geographically) I could expect these wages. Plus if anyone knows of an operator that will be looking....either Rotory or Fixed Wing please send me a PM. Thanks! :)

  10. This must be a joke......I'm sure it isn't this difficult to find a candidate to make a flight instructor. I seriously wonder if this is a joke. If not sign me up! I have a commercial license, maintenance training almost complete and I have a little experience working in the industry! But no I seriously wonder if this is real!

  11. Winnie


    I hear your spending Christmas in my stomping grounds. Nothing wrong with Christmas at the PI. Not sure if we know each other but I'm a lowtimer / maintenance student in Thunder Bay and I will be returning to CYHD for some home cooking and partyin'. Gimme a shout and I will be sure to get ahold of ya! Just be sure not to take any of that entertainment home. :up: Ohh and all I want for Christmas is a wrenching job in May.....and if Santa's feeling generous a few hours turning and burning would be sweet! B)

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