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  1. Ryan Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and [removed]'s family. Dave
  2. Here's to a fast recovery for both instructor and student. Cheers to Beers and Buds!
  3. Thanks for the replys gang....tells me I'm currently on the right track...but have a long way to go. Keep em comming....or lemme know if you have some tool that you use all the time that you don't see others using.
  4. This isn't a light hearted question but a serious one. Most schools out there require a bare minimum of tools. And to be honest Im kinda worried about showing up for my first job with my toolbox....there really isnt all that much in there however I noticed I do have many more tools than my fellow students. So lets compile a list here of what a guy should or shouldn't have.
  5. This thread got me a thinking....what should a new apprentice have in his or her toolbox when showing up for that first job? Any suggestions or ideas?
  6. Snap on courtesy of Mom and Dad.....certainly not in my toolbox. Lots of mastercraft and craftsman though courtesy of working my arse off!
  7. Klipp Just give me a shout.....I'm always in the loop over here. Most machines are headed to Quebec and they are being hired to ferry the machines over!! The East fire region in Ontario has been seeing more action than the West! If your passing through Klipp make sure you stop by and give me a shout!!
  8. Someone mentioned training with Custom Helicopters earlier...and stated they hire their own students. Unless something has changed within the last 2 years Custom closed their flight school and the instructor opened his own school in the Gimli area. Maybe instead of all the advice we should give this fellow a list of operators that actually hire low timers....and then he can go from there! Another suggestion may be for him to go on a road trip now....I know this sounds crazy...and talk with these operators on a one on one basis....get the true feeling of the industry instead of an opinion ov
  9. ichimama Reddog is right there bud....don't wait a second longer...beg, steal the money you need to get your *** out there....something I never did right away.....and I still regret it! I have never heard of a lowtimer getting a job with a resume alone! I know it's tough considering the amount of debt you probably accumulated but it would be far easier to swallow paying this debt off working in the industry compared to working some ****** job wishing you were flying. Just my 2 cents worth!
  10. I believe there is another kind as well. I have seen them on Jetrangers and I believe Hydro One has some on their astars. They attatch to the leading edge jam of the horizontal slide window....you can flip this little scoop out (if I remember correctly they have a few holes in the scoop...and the scoop is curved to direct the air in the cabin) Regardless they work awsome...far better than a slide window. Not sure what kind of application the S92 already has...so these may / may not work.
  11. Yep there are about 19 machines....mostly mediums here in Dryden waiting for the fires to start. Quite a few machines were put on minimums a few days ago. Im currently working at the FBO in Dryden so don't be shy to say hi if your passing through. Dave
  12. Hey Guys Kinda curious what the road is like between High Level and Yellowknife? I might have to make the trek shortly. Or is it simply easier to fly in? Input much appreciated gang! PJ
  13. Is this on multi-engine aircraft or on singles as well.
  14. Yes tip powered blades were once a method of putting extra power into the rotor system.....can't remember which company started it but I remember seeing an old article on them in my helicopters class. Kinda scary I must admit
  15. Never heard of crowman or pather heli before??
  16. Hey guys Does anyone know who runs the AMO at Hicks / Northshore air? Thanks in advance! PJ
  17. Where is Heli-One never heard of em...or do you mean Hydro One??
  18. auto Thanks for the listing. I heard they did the majority of their hiring but I will apply non the less.
  19. Ya I was pretty surprised not to have recieved my call back to my job as I have been there for 2 seasons. It was a government position....most of you know exactly what I am talking about as I saw you guys on the front line shaking hands or having a few cold ones after a long day.
  20. Hey Gang For some reason I have lost my summer job leaving myself seeking employment. Was wondering if anyone would be looking for a first year maintenance student / low time pilot. I love helicopters and am experienced working within the helicopter industry. Anyone with any leads etc please pm me with the details. Much appreciated PJ
  21. Hey there is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming!
  22. #### Thanks for the pictures. Much appreciated! Now to only see if my teacher is willing to let us chop up the blades. Can't wait!!
  23. Thanks gang I found a nice picture for the project. Much appreciated.
  24. Was kinda looking for a picture of a Canadian Owned machine. I'm kinda looking for a picture of a Notar working in the field...you know in the nitty gritty helicopter world. I know Heli-Max runs these out in the feild. Someone has gotta have a pic that would fit the bill. Just wouldn't be the same if I used a picture of an american machine.
  25. Looking for a pic of a 500 Notar. Preferably a Canadian machine. Its for a project at school. Also any comments on tail rotor effectiveness on a Notar would be appreciated. Thanks! PJ
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